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  1. Smiff

    v obvious feature that no forum has (?)

    either 1) stop two threads being created with same title within e.g. 1 hour or 2) stop a user creating more than one thread within e.g. 1 hour i'd like both :D well thanks for reading anyway
  2. Smiff

    Save Submissions

    for various reasons i think it would be better to have public save submissions done on a thread here (site security, peer review of saves, etc) if anyone has a save for site, please attach it to this thread, and if other people could review those saves and give them the thumbs up or down, then...
  3. Smiff

    feedback for new site

    hi, if you've seen the new site please let us know what you think*, bugs you find etc. here. thanks. we havent gone public yet (as i write so dont announce please) but want some testing please. edit: ok here's the url edit2: ok i think we're public now you can pose this as...
  4. Smiff

    site hit by worm 2005-08-19, should be ok now

    we got hacked apparently.. this doesnt affect the files only index.htm - i have backup of support site but not sure who has main site (?)
  5. Smiff

    What aspect ratio screen(s) do you use for PJ64?

    Please check *all* the ones you use! You only get one chance to vote. If you make a mistake tell me and i'll edit the poll (although your name seems to stay where it was, that's why the names e.g. Martin and numbers don't match..) I'd be interested to know what sort of displays people are...
  6. Smiff

    Gent is away at the moment

    Gent, who is mainly responsible for the cheats, cheat file, cheats documentation and partly the cheat system implementation, is away at the moment. We don't know exactly why, possibly computer/connection trouble. Therefore cheat questions may go unanswered at the moment. If users could help...
  7. Smiff

    FAQ Feedback

    The Project64 Online FAQ has been dormant since May 2003 but i've started updating it again now (May 2005). Do you think any obvious/repeatedly asked question is missing? Do you think any answer is not useful/badly explained/out of date/incorrect? Please use this thread to let us know so I can...
  8. Smiff

    rude logos

    this amused me years ago, i just came across it again and it amused me again
  9. Smiff

    RDB WIP-download improved files & help test PJ64 game compatibility please!

    (that stands for Rom DataBase Work In Progress). OK some of you may remember this from years ago but i'll run through it again: How this works: I post an RDB. We ask you to play games! All games, but paying particular attention to those listed below, because they've recently had settings...
  10. Smiff

    about the Rating system

    i think this could be useful in helping sort out which threads are worthy of our time and which aren't. i went on a tagging spree to see what would happen, i thought it might help to find useful info later. two problems: 1) anyone else think its ridiculous that you can't change your rating as...
  11. Smiff

    pj64 4ever

    (warning: if you don't know or care who i am, please skip this, but otherwise there's some stuff i want to say publicly). if someone else did this i'd be the first to complain of feeling sick... :blush: true (not very good) story . well this really made my sunday, or week, or some longer...
  12. Smiff

    you probably had to be there... (a *badly* aimed slapping)

    (the pj64 site is down, someone demands file be sent to him) log from another channel, use your imagination to read what's happening in #pj64 <Smiff|slp> do you think the guy in #pj64 could have asked nicer <Smiff|slp> i do <RedMage> too much confusion though... sigh * RedMage is now known...
  13. Smiff

    IPS/APS patches for N64 ROMs - are there any?

    if anyone could provide me with any links for an .ips or .aps patch for an n64 rom that would be sweet. and not one of Paulob's patches or a copier fix... i mean like a translation patch or something that does something interesting to alter a game. Thanks in advance.
  14. Smiff

    Service Pack 1 available

    yes, the long awaited RDB update, phat cheats from Gent, some other stuff, and a small surprise. Before you ask a question! - Yes, it is 'official' - No, you won't see the version number in the title bar change, because the executable has not been updated! Recommended for all PJ64 users...
  15. Smiff

    Official sites - New URLs June 2003

    Official sites - updated URLs, please read Homepage is at Support is at Issues is at Cheats is still at Thanks Martin for answering my stupid Q and sorting this out.
  16. Smiff

    Ocarina of Time, subscreen delay fix, codes for all ROMs

    Ocarina of Time subscreen delay fix codes for all ROMs I think this is so good it's worth making its own thread. Below are cheat codes that you can enter and enable to fix a known issue in Project64 that has been with us since v1.0 - that the subscreen in Zelda OoT takes longer to appear than...
  17. Smiff

    adaptoid owners, you could be sitting on a *goldmine* lol

    Sorry if this is old news, i haven't been around enough to know, and it was over a month ago now. holllyyyy shiiiiiit. "last adaptoid" sold for £84 (count 'em, eighty-four, quid). and i got two for free eheh. Shall i stick or...
  18. Smiff

    Merry Xmas (nothing exciting)

    Merry Xmas just dropping in to say hi. it's very nearly a year since v1.4 was released; though there won't be a surprise release this year, i hope people still enjoy v1.5... greetings, mulled wine and mince pies all :) :holiday: (would the mods let this off topic post go just this once please ;)
  19. Smiff

    What's the going rate for a V64Jr?

    that would be the 32MB version. 2nd hand of course. Please only people with a clue reply :) preferably in pounds. ta muchly.