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  1. Jabo

    An update on Project64

    Been a while since I posted here! I've decided to release a patch to 1.6 that includes the majority of the plugin fixes from Project64 1.7 beta, and take a step away from the project. I am doing this independently, it is not an official release. A bit more explanation for those interested can...
  2. Jabo

    Controller autoconfig

    One of the features Im looking to add to Jnes is the ability to detect what kind of USB Controller you are using and provide an 'autoconfig' option that will set it up quickly In order to faciltate this I need to have a better idea of what controllers people are using, I'm not expecting...
  3. Jabo

    Controller Picture for Input Plugin

    It's the N64 controller that people want, NOT the one on your USB port :P
  4. Jabo

    0.6 Released

    Its in the download thread, go have some fun :paperbag:
  5. Jabo

    ATI Remote Wonder

    Hi everyone, I recently got one of these wonderful remotes for one of my media pc's. I had 5 minutes of fun coding a plugin for the ATI Remote Wonder driver that links it with PJ's hotkeys If anyone wants it just reply to this threaed, I wasn't sure if anyone out there actually had one besides...
  6. Jabo

    'Bugtracker' - known issues and feature requests - read before posting!

    Homepage: Jnes Latest version should be in a thread on this board, 0.6 ! Tutorial! Read this Jnes resources Jnes Cheats :: News How-to give feedback (if you are new to message boards) Reply to an...
  7. Jabo

    Downloads (0.6)

    0.50 Beta 1 Note - this thread is used for posting versions, not feedback, if you'd like to post, please start a new thread, or reply to an existing one
  8. Jabo

    Current Bugs

    Just to list some known issues with games that I've become aware of - Fester's Quest does not work 100%, it crashes at a certain point in the game, it's been like this since I can remember working on Jnes, people have also told me numerous other emulators have problems, implying a bad dump...
  9. Jabo

    Flashable Memory

    I've got a question, or topic for discussion ... what is the life expectancy of the data stored on things like floppy disks, CDR's, Zip Disks, and Flash RAM drives... I looked on the web quick to see if i could find anything interesting without much luck, once you type that stuff in it's...
  10. Jabo

    Video Card Poll

    I don't do polls often, or at all, but this is something I wanted to know for a while... what video cards you guys are running on your computers, I want this to be as accurate as possible to get some idea... Often times as a developer I'd like to think most of you guys are running GeForce class...