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  1. Felipe

    Advanced SNES ROM Utility 1.1

    History: v1.1: CLI implemented for batch operations (see manual), interleaving, simple LoROM - HiROM conversion, suppress info and warning messages (don’t show this message again), reset to standard configuration, add PAL region unlock pattern v1.0: improved alogorithm for scanning ROMs allows...
  2. Felipe

    2023-09-29 Recent Releases

    The true site of desmume is this one
  3. Felipe

    NanoBoyAdvance 1.7

    Changelog UI: implement a 'Use integer scaling' option UI: allow limiting the screen scale UI: allow accessing the menu during fullscreen gameplay UI: allow setting a custom save folder Core: implement save compatibility with mGBA 0.10.0+ Core: implement basic support...
  4. Felipe

    Snes9x 1.62.3 Released

    Another release containing a bunch of small things. There are a few game fixes and some UI tweaks, as well as some reorganization in the backend. The biggest front-facing feature is a Vulkan output for the Windows and Gtk ports. Like OpenGL, Vulkan can use the slang shaders in the libretro...
  5. Felipe

    Advanced SNES ROM Utility 1.0

    History: v1.0: improved alogorithm for scanning ROMs allows much more complex queries for finding copy protections, but is slightly slower now. Therefore you now have the option to disable instant scanning when a ROM gets loaded, so you can trigger this with the “Scan” button. Added mirroring...
  6. Felipe

    VBA-M 2.1.5

    After more than 3 years without a release it's finally here: Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning. [2.1.5] - 2022-12-15 ======================= ea2a929f -...
  7. Felipe

    Advance NES ROM Utility 1.0

    This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on NES / FC ROMs! Following functions are included: Read iNES, NES2.0 and Nintendo header information Fix checksums in Nintendo header Split into single ROM files for burning (PlayChoice-10 support) Split into equal sized parts for...
  8. Felipe

    Genesis/MD/Sega CD/32x Region Bypass Tool 1.1a

    Version 1.1a update (8/15/2022): Fixed a small bug where some 32x and Sega CD ROMs were incorrectly named when saving a new ROM, added info about getting Sega CD games running in different regions, and added info about getting Streets of Rage 2 (US) to show the Bare Knuckle title screen and...
  9. Felipe

    Genesis/MD/Sega CD/32x Region Bypass Tool 1.1a

    Version 1.1 update (8/11/2022): Added more new types of region checks and improved old ones, improved checksum routine bypassing and shows ROM addresses for them, added option to automatically fix checksum after it patches ROM, added button to put 32x ROMs into a sort of developer’s mode so the...
  10. Felipe

    PPSSPP 1.13.1

    What's new in 1.13 ================== General * Fix assorted Android "scoped storage"-related bugs and performance issues ([#15237], [#15487]), etc. * Analog mapping for fast-forward ([#15645]) * Major softgpu accuracy fixes and speedups, including a JIT ([#15163], [#15345], [#15389]...
  11. Felipe

    Genesis/MD/Sega CD/32x Region Bypass Tool 1.1a

    Region lockout bypass tool works on Genesis, Mega Drive, Sega CD, and 32x ROMs. It will try and patch your ROM so that it will work in any region. Also has a checksum fixing button to try and fix the checksum after patching (if needed). Features: Uses pattern searching to try and find 4...
  12. Felipe

    DeSmuME v0.9.13 released!

    Full changelog: 0.9.12 -> 0.9.13 In this version we have added support for high-resolution 3D rendering. Try the new "GPU Scaling Factor" feature to increase the 3D resolution beyond the native resolution of 256x192 pixels. Also, the Cocoa frontend sees continued radical enhancements and while...
  13. Felipe

    Advance SNES ROM Utility 0.9.7

    Nice, thanks for doing this. (y)
  14. Felipe

    Advance SNES ROM Utility 0.9.7

    This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on SNES / SFC ROMs! Following functions are included: Add header: adds an empty header Remove header: removes an existing header Edit ROM information like title, country/region and version Fix checksum: fixes a broken...
  15. Felipe

    Lunar IPS 1.03

    After almost 12 years a new update is out: Lunar IPS (LIPS) is intended as an easy to use, lightweight IPS patch utility for windows to replace the SNESTool DOS program. It can both create and apply IPS patches. As far as features go, LIPS has: IPS patch creation/application support. full...
  16. Felipe

    About the brazilian portuguese translation in PJ64

    i did a bad job years ago on that file :plain: now i made months ago a better translation of it (professional job ;) ) and i want to share with those who had to see that garbage, sorry about that. :| i cant attach files in emulation64 so i'll give the link to my virtual drive where you can...
  17. Felipe


    strange this wasnt in main page,this emulator of cps1,cps2,neo geo,etc,etc,had a big update
  18. Felipe

    Final Burn Evolution 3.03

    new version of this emulator of Cps1,cps2,neo geo,etc. Changes: Final Burn Evolution 3.03 What is new on FB Evo? >>> Neo-Geo <<< ==> Over clocked some games from 12MHz to 18Mhz (take a look at the list of games at SNK-NeoFighters) ==> All sets updated ==> Added an option to dump the...
  19. Felipe

    About Mupen and other things

    i am curious about what will be the focus of mupen now:compatibility?speed?cheats?bug fixing?and the other things that i recognize that has nothing to do with mupen is:since u are from ultrahle team do u know if there will be an update?if the source code will be released to people play with it?
  20. Felipe

    Ultrahle 2064's site

    there is no site anymore? What happened?