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  1. Iconoclast

    "Static" RSP Interpreter Plugin

    I'm posting an updated version of my RSP plugin project to this forum instead. To be honest, I had no mental assumption I was necessarily going to update it again or do another release, but per fate of life transitions the unexpected opportunity has presented itself nevertheless. So, it's...
  2. Iconoclast

    Mupen64 for x86-64 plugin developers

    I've lost record exactly, but around 3 years ago I started (obviously stopped and napped for 3 years) a 64-bit fork of Mupen64 0.5. The result is finally available at: This isn't meant to be an official continuity to Hacktarux's work on either Mupen64 or some...
  3. Iconoclast

    angrylion's Per-Pixel RDP with OpenGL

    Now that I'm able to give posting here another chance, I decided that it seemed easier on everybody to have the rest of the development downloadable via the forum here. I'm sorry that it was inconveniencing people in so many issues when I was trying to make it work with the PJ forum. For...
  4. Iconoclast

    Windows High-Level Abstraction Under the CRT

    I wanted to do some experiments with how functions on Windows operating systems did things differently...benchmark the <stdio> version and the NT kernel version, step through what each was doing. So I just wanted to take some notes here on that. Normally when writing portable code between...
  5. Iconoclast

    GameShark (Pro) Probable Release Date

    I checked the binary of both the GameShark Pro V2.0 (Unl).z64 and GameShark Pro V3.3 (Unl) [!].z64 files and found some information hinting at their production/maybe release dates and their developing companies, which seem also to be unknown. If I may post a few binary sections (copied from...
  6. Iconoclast

    Polygon Measurements Calculator

    This is one of my geometric experiments I researched several months ago, a relic from my collection of Flash creations. I made it out of the dream that this kind of math could be possibly used in graphics plugin programming, (naively) dreaming that I could evade the choice between a Direct3D or...
  7. Iconoclast

    Just For Fun :)

    Screenshots for those dying to see what 1.7's like. [Note that this thread is a joke?] Just thought I'd excercise some imaging AHEMdonotdonatethescreenshotsarereal! as a way of having fun.
  8. Iconoclast

    Majora's Mask Screens

    Meh, figured I'd throw in my two cents. Appropriate: Now, that is what I call...almost censored (third screenshot). Man, I love that thing. Inappropriate: Some hacks: A picture of me whipping Majora's ass (literally): A picture of me kicking Majora's ass (once again, yeah):
  9. Iconoclast

    N64 Animated GIFs Gallery / Requests

    So, who's got some N64 GIFs they want to show off? You can always post new ones you finish making even after you've already posted in this thread; if necessary, be as 'showoffy' as possible. Hell, even if I'm the only one who posts in this thread, better keep updating it with new GIFs than...
  10. Iconoclast

    Triangle Geometry Calculator

    When I say the measure of angle A is 75, it says 90 - 75 is 154 instead of 15. It also says 180 - 75 is 1,054.... WTF is it with these arithmetic issues? Code below. Obviously, the program is incomplete. Only right triangles are support right now, once these issues with the program are...
  11. Iconoclast

    gs_dll.dll Crash

    While adding a couple cheat codes that get Stunt Racer 64 going on any emulator with Rice's Video Plugin (haven't tested z64, an LLE gfx plugin for OpenGL versions my system does not support), Nemu64 gives me an "assertion failed" error message. I am using Nemu64 v0.8, with gs_dll.dll version...
  12. Iconoclast

    EmuTalk's Complete Plugin Archive

    This may (might not) seem kinda stupid, but hold the grenade launchers for a sec. I was thinking, maybe EmuTalk could have a version of the N64 Plugins archive as a self-extractor, all the versions of all the plugins in one compression archive file (one archive for each operating system I mean...
  13. Iconoclast

    Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Calculator

    I have decided to give up bypassing the use of the modulo function, while some conversions were of success. Instead, I have used tolerance of the function to make an engine that takes two integers the user enters and returns the greatest common factor (or GCF) of the two integers. This is one...
  14. Iconoclast

    Chinese Zodiac

    Some years ago, I found out what a zodiac was. The first I discovered actually was the chinese version. I actually was inspired by its descriptions. While some of it sounds so unscientific and fairytalish to some, I thought all the animal descriptions actually matched the dispositions of...
  15. Iconoclast

    Flash Programming Tutorials

    I am currently transitioning towards other programming languages with the goal of more complex creations, but I wanted first to leave my knowledge behind for anyone else who is interested in say making imitated parts of N64 games themselves or just general website creations/etc. Obviously...
  16. Iconoclast

    Rice's Video Plugin: INI Configuration Discussion

    While the programmers are doing the plugin fixing, after testing about 100 games, I've noticed that 80 of these 100 games can be configured in Rice's INI to have better graphics emulation than you have when using Rice's default configuration, if existing for the game. I don't mean to bag on his...
  17. Iconoclast

    Turbo Controls

    [Sorry to cut of an important discussion on improving Rice's Video Plugin, but serves you right for using the Forums Index method. :P I wonder what that link at the top that says "New Posts" does....] I remember, I had one of those MadCat N64 controllers, and for challenges like that Mary...
  18. Iconoclast

    Project64 is not perfect

    zilmar: this has been moved from the logo thread. Fourth, it's true: Project64 has the highest reputation and identity, but is mistaken to be the best emulator for the console, when, in terms of emulation, is actually one of the worst, as a core emulator. The only reason you all see it as...
  19. Iconoclast

    No RSP

    There's a No Sound plugin out there for disabling sound emulation, but has anyone ever considered a No RSP plugin that disables reality signal processing? Wouldn't that, like No Sound, free up CPU and such? I mean, 1964 is like the only one of the four decent N64 emulators that makes RSP...
  20. Iconoclast

    Star Wars - Rogue Squadron

    I just wanted to say that this game is NOT unplayable. The only chance is to use Nemu64 v0.8 with Nemu's default graphics plugin. Disable Audio HLE from under the Debug menu to hear sound. Turn on Force Z Clear in graphics configuration. You may not be able to see most buildings in-game on...