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    Smash Brothers Works!!!

    it will operate almost flawlessly with daedalus's new plugin 4.6.0 thats the name i think, anyone wanna play?
  2. R server??

    At it tells me the ip address of the server, but what port exactly should i use?
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    SSB question

    has anyone here ever gotten perfect emulation for super smash bros, even tho perfect emulation is almost impossible, has anyone gotten close to perfect, and what plugin and settings are you using?
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    Super Smash Brothers Topic

    Has anyone been able to emulate smash brothers normally? the closest ive gotten is that all the characters are miscolored, acutally, their darker or lighter than normal, does anyone know if ive got to configure somethin else to get it lookin alright? or even if i should use another graphics plugin?
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    control question

    hey, im using my keyboard (too poor to get a n64 like controller) to play smash bros online (kinda bad lookin anway, gotta learn how to fix it) and i cant tap 2 keys at the same time, known as a "smash move" any suggestions?