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    Resizing in GIMP

    Some textures, such as gradient stuff, are easier to blow up than others. I, for one, like to use GIMP for that. Question is, what's the recommended process for blowing them up? I heard somewhere that blowing them up by a factor of 2 and then downsizing them as appropriate was the best way to do...
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    Super Mario 64 graphics messup

    Attached here is a snapshot depicting something I just discovered when playing the European Super Mario 64 ROM with Direct64 and stereo 3D enabled via iZ3D (using Anaglyph: Custom Colors). Basically, the text is flipped upside down, and there's some small yet annoying cropping at...
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    IZ3D-compatible plugins?

    Are there any N64 plugins compatible with IZ3D besides Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6, which sacrifices performance for stereoscopy?
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    Adding "play as girl" option to Pokémon RBY

    How do you add the female player character (Leaf) into Pokémon RBY?
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    Stereo 3D support on Mac OS X?

    Does anyone know how I can play N64 games in stereo 3D, or can anyone create a way to play N64 games in stereo 3D, on a Mac? Thanks!