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  1. loleoc

    Configuring pj64 on a "fast" pc for best gameplay

    Well, How do I must configure pj 64 1.51 for get smooth gameplay?? Could be: Change CF to 1 for all games Disable Advance Block Linking Change to interpreter (mm very low but it´s recommended by pj64 authors... ough?) What more? All games run to me at 60 fps but the gameplay is strange, like...
  2. loleoc

    Best processor for Project64. Help!

    I sold my pentium 3 and I want buy a new processor. What is better and faster for Projetc64, Celeron 2000 or Athlon 2000??. Thanks. Happy new year for all :sorcerer:
  3. loleoc

    Mario Party 3 in PJ 1.5.1

    Mario p 3 is much slower on pj 1.5. In 1.4 the speed is great but in the release the fps is slower.
  4. loleoc

    Force NTSC Option in Pj64

    Why pj64 does not havea "force ntsc option" that allow me to play pal games like Paper Mario Europe (in all languajes) at full speed? Paper Mario Europe runs at 50 vi/s but in 1964 runs at 60 checking force ntsc option. Pj64 hasn´t this option.
  5. loleoc

    I can´t enable anti-aliasing with any Jabo´s

    I try with "Sort Independent Antialiasing" checked and unchecked but don´t work. But with Rice´s plugin aa works. I have the last detonators (samely this occur with all drivers). I try with all directx versions (7, 7.1, 8, 8.1, 9, 9a) and all Jabo´s 1.4, 1.5b1, 1.5, 1.51. With Rice´s and...
  6. loleoc

    I can´t go fullscreen

    An error appear: "failed" and a numbers in a window, using internal opengl plugin (the same with direct3d plugin). I want play on fullscreen!! Zelda runs perfectly!! And a question: Zelda End Fix was implemented on this new version? (UHLE 1.0.3) Thanks!.
  7. loleoc

    Generic Geforce 4 mx 440

    The geforce 4 mx 440 boards of mark (msi, asus...) do they have a better yield and quality that the generic geforce 4 mx 440 or they are same? (with less guaranty, of course). Are the generic geforce 4 good? Pleaaaaaaseeee, respond me!!.
  8. loleoc

    Voodoo cards support

    Will the new release of ultrahle 2064 maintain the great support for voodoo cards? or will it use nvidia extensions?. I have a voodoo 5 and the internal opengl plugin is the fastest on my machine (faster than glide) but if you use nvidia extensions or opengl 1.4 in the new intrenal opengl...