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  1. rizz768

    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Noticed a very minor graphical glitch with the clock, when running or doing any action which causes the clock to become transparent the little dot can be seen through the diamond in the center. I was able to fix this just by editing the texture in question and erasing the dot, as I don't think...
  2. rizz768

    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    You should be using the GlideN64 plugin, not Glide64, and you'll also need the 4GB patcher for larger texture packs to avoid the memory errors, you can get it here Nerrel has created a video tutorial over on his YouTube channel if you want to take a look:
  3. rizz768

    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Beautiful! Southern Swamp is one of the most memorable and nostalgic locations in the game for me, you've recreated it faithfully and the textures that used to be too low-res to accurately recreate haven't lost their unique feel, well done. Those tree textures are absolutely incredible, the...
  4. rizz768

    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    This is all looking incredible, very impressive.
  5. rizz768

    Adobe currently offering Photoshop CS2 for free

    Hello all, have you ever wanted to have Photoshop but couldn't afford it? Adobe is currently offering their now out-dated Photoshop CS2, for free. This program is fantastic, don't miss out. ;) This program is 100% compatible with the...
  6. rizz768

    [WIP] Rizz768's Shadowman High Res Project

    [WIP] Rizz768's 'Shadow Man' Re-texture Project Hello everyone, this is my first time attempting a re-texture, I've always been wanting to try, but could never get HiResEaser to work until I finally got a copy of CS2, I chose Shadow Man, has always been one of my favorite N64 games. Since I...