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  1. Lex

    Winamp 5 beta 1 What do you think of the new Winamp 5 beta 1?
  2. Lex

    Mark all posts read?

    Martin, can you pls bring the "Mark all posts read" link in the find new posts back?, you did an excellent job on bringin the "old" ET back :cheers:
  3. Lex

    Sad news from the omegacorner

    Omegacorner was forced to stop tweaking the nvidia det's (omega drivers) but he will continue his work on the ati drivers.
  4. Lex

    New avatar+profile picture

    What do you think of my avatar? I changed the profile picture to a photo of myself.
  5. Lex


    I was changing my avatar, but i didn't see an option to upload one, so i thought i delete the custom avatar i am using but when i did that there still wasn't an option to upload one, so i'm avatarless :cry: , please help me to upload one
  6. Lex

    Browser-based msn

    Check it out: :arabia:
  7. Lex

    new posts?

    Does emutalk or write a list of new posts/last news to an external file for use on other sites?
  8. Lex

    MSN messenger 6 ET tab

    With this you can have a ET and Emu64 tab in your msn 6. I'd like some feedback please i don't have a ET pic yet, can anyone make one in .png with 31 x 31? Edit: the tabs are now installed by an installer. This works with all windows os's but only with msn 6
  9. Lex

    my sig

    Do you like my sig :happy: (please give some comment):phone:
  10. Lex

    nVIDIA Detonator XP Drivers 43.45 (Official)

    Today nVIDIA released the nVIDIA Detonator XP Drivers 43.45 Officially, they are fully dx9.0 compatible. Win 2000/xp Win 9x/ME
  11. Lex

    DirectX 9.0a

    Microsoft released V. 9.0a of directx. Changes in Current Version: -Resolves an issue with DirectX 9.0 where some multiplayer games or MSN Messenger may not work correctly -Minor bugs resolved
  12. Lex

    PHP problem

    Like you know my avatar can change hairecuts by refreshing :P but i found it somewhere on the internet and i want to put it on my own webspace so i'm sure i won't lose it if the site goes down, i downloaded all the pictures :) and wrote a simple php script, it works if i follow the link but if...
  13. Lex


    They blew up my head!!!!:geek:
  14. Lex

    Failed to load eeprom

    when i am using pj64 1.5 on another account then mine it can't load eeprom?? this ocures with all of my roms. Please help
  15. Lex

    New graphics card W00t!!!

    I bought a Abit Siluro GF4 ti4200-8x OTES 128MB AGP. :baaa: Before this one i had a voodoo banshee:cry:
  16. Lex

    Top performance?

    There is an option in the bios of my mobo that says "Top performance". What does this actualy do, it is off by default. does it increase speed and decrease stability? please let me now if you know something about this setting
  17. Lex

    Happy birthday Martin

    Happy birthday :holiday: :holiday: :holiday: :holiday: :holiday: :holiday: :flowers:
  18. Lex

    Wich chipset do you prefer?

    Wich chipset do you prefer for an amd? wich one do you prefer?
  19. Lex

    FSB of athlon xp?

    will an athlon xp run on a kt333 chipset with pc2700(2x166MHz)? because an AthlonXP runs on an FSB of 133 ???
  20. Lex

    my avatar

    what do you think of my new avatar?