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  1. Redah

    Games in Concert

    Just had to share this with you guys :) Last weekend, me and my new gf went to a concert completely dedicated to videogame music. It's kinda like the more famous VideoGames Live, except this was a first and unique experience in The Netherlands. All videogame tracks were performed by a live...
  2. Redah

    Nintendo SoundTracks

    Long time since I've been on this board... yes yes... and why am I back? Well, you know (duh). What other reason would I be back, besides me needing something from you guys? :) Here's the question: If you have any ORIGINAL soundtrack for ANY Nintendo game... give me a PM, right away :) No...
  3. Redah

    I need someone from Germany!

    I urgently need someone from Germany to place a phonecall for me. It's a paid number, and that's the problem: I can't dial it from outside Germany. Anyone from Austria or Switzerland would be good too. Ofcourse I will reimburse you for the costs, either via paypal or regular bank transfer. But...
  4. Redah

    I rarely post, but this was so damn funny...

    It all started with this post on the Dolphin forum... First off, I *love* getting in discussions with people. Especially if those people think they're better than others. I love putting them back in their place. So, I decided to reply in the thread, even though it was locked. And that was...
  5. Redah

    Soo... whatcha think of this one then

    Three times the same girl... opinions, comments, lemme hear 'em :)
  6. Redah

    More Dolphin screenies

    Having fixed a video plug-in bug, the Dolphin author sent us some more screenshots of this interesting development: Other screenshots: Cave Cinema Mario Stairs
  7. Redah

    More fire!

    Fire? Yes, on the speculation :) Nice guy(s)/girl(s) as the author(s) is/are, he/she/they supplied two more screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Below you'll see the CrazyNation ASM Demo, and below that, the xRick demo, both working for 100%. <center> </center>
  8. Redah

    Emu64 Exclusive

    You all probably were waiting for this... and guess what, it's here: It's Pong, and it's for GameCube. But it's on PC. And it's not fake. It's not capable of running commercial games. And that's all you'll need to know. For now. <center></center>
  9. Redah

    Dawn sleeps with ATi

    Oh my oh my, nVidia is in for it, even their mascotte has jumped ship... do you remember all the pretty Dawn pictures with the GeForce FX launch? Guess what... she's running on ATi hardware :) Anyone with a R3xx chip on their card can now enjoy the majestic nVidia Dawn demo. How? With a nice...
  10. Redah

    Did anyone ever notice that...

    ... when you're going to eat a sour candy, and you -know- it is sour, when you take it in your hands your mouth/tongue already starts to 'adjust' to the flavor it's supposed to be getting. Anyone know why that is? :)
  11. Redah

    Anyone fluent in Hylian?

    I was wondering what the Hylian text in the middle of the disc says...
  12. Redah

    Best blonde joke ever !

    Click here!
  13. Redah

    Big thankyou's and whatnot

    Okay, here we go: As you all know, the Emu64 network has suffered a bit lately, and EmuTalk has been completely gone for quite a while due to the fact that my server, Kyona, died completely and refused to boot. Well, all is good now, sorta, and I wanted to express my gratitude for anyone that...
  14. Redah

    She wubs me

    [01:05] <M4rtin64> showing Hanna the pics now [01:05] <M4rtin64> :P [01:48] <Redah> ouch :D [01:53] <Redah> bad move tho, she'll leave u for me now [01:54] <M4rtin64> lol [01:54] <M4rtin64> she stared at your ass :/ [01:54] <Redah> hahaha [01:54] <Redah> wtf [01:55] <M4rtin64> haha [01:56]...
  15. Redah

    Read it, Sign it Read it, sign it. Simple as that :)
  16. Redah

    Dixon isss.... a dumbass !

    Dixon was testing a script... pay close attention to what Aprentice thinks :) [21:45] <Redah> erm well put #!/bin/csh above it :) [21:46] <dixon> hrmm [21:46] <dixon> not working ? [21:46] <dixon> I have no idea of anything about perl .. shouldn't there be an external script ? :P [21:46]...
  17. Redah

    Policy Editor for Windows XP

    Okay, I need to install a new PC for someone in a couple of days, with Windows XP Pro on it. Now, these people have kids, and those kids don't have to have all rights available. So instead of making them administrator, I could make them restricted user. And the problems arise. For example, if...
  18. Redah

    Direct X 9 + ATi Radeon9700 Pro shots

    It's f00king amazing :D Check :)
  19. Redah

    The white GFX problem... GRRRRR

    So, I had Windows XP. Bought a Radeon9700 Pro. Installed drivers. PJ was working verrrry nicely. So I upgrade to SP-1. No problems, still working verrrry nicely. So, I format. I install Windows XP. I install SP-1. I install the same drivers as before the format. Everything's defaulted... but...
  20. Redah

    How Kyona came online

    So, I wanted to share this story with you. It's friday, july 19th, 2002. At 7:00 AM, a guy named Redah awakened for a big day. So he made some sandwiches, took his camera, put everything in the car, and went up to get the most important bit of his journey downstairs. Kyona. Packed in a blank...