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  1. scotty

    Hiouden: Legend of the Scarlet King

    The patch is out from Aeon Genesis, however I am not sure why the goes black when I try to begin a new game. Is this a bug in the patching?
  2. scotty

    Direct 64

    I am not sure if I am using this video plugin properly. It does not even show any images when I use it. I was not sure if it worked with Radeons, or if it may be my graphics card or not.
  3. scotty

    Jabos Direct 3D plugin

    I have recently updated my drivers, and then I tried to use my N64 emulation. I got an error message claiming that the plugin cannot activate my HAL device, and that I need to have a device supporting D3D 6.0. Rices works fine. I am not sure why my update could have prompted this to hapen. Is...
  4. scotty

    Renaming ROMS

    I was wondering if there was a way to rename ROMS, because on Kalliera, I cannot join peoples games because the internal name of the ROM is different than my own. My games are all with the (!) at the end on goodn64, yet on the Kalliera it does not recognize this. (IE. Super Smash Bros. (U) ! for...
  5. scotty

    1964 0.9.9 and DK 64

    The barrell shooting sections of the game are still messed up, what counter factor is recommended to complete them?????? DK64 is amazing on this emulator, except for this and a few minor glitches in the chimpy camera.
  6. scotty


    I was just wondering what has been going on with the DeJap team??? I heard that they are starting to get going again, but i havent really seen much these days, could it be that Star Ocean is a real pain to hack into or is it just that I am observing incorrectly??
  7. scotty

    Is it dead?

    is TR64 oficially dead, or is there a reason why Icepir8 has been very quiet the last few months, he uesd to be very active in his work, now this, is he doing a secret project or is he busy with his personal life at this moment???
  8. scotty

    The Beta Testing

    I probably shouldnt be bugging you guys, but Im just itching to now how everything is going. I have noticed some hidden topics going by, and I was wondering if there were more problems than anticipated, anything that I might need to know on the progression of the testing, etc;
  9. scotty


    is this emulator going to be on windows ever??, or is it going to be exclusive to Mac, not that I am making fun of Mac, but will there be ports of it for Windows?
  10. scotty

    Zsnes Wip

    Ipher is no longer on the site anymore. I think it is good news. The new site is like the page he had, now it is on. Version WIP 0910 is the latest version
  11. scotty

    Zsnes Wip

    I was wondering if anyone knew the reason for the shutdown of If it has been shut down, I was wondering where Ipher continued his web page full of his ZSNES WIP files on another site hosting his work
  12. scotty

    SNES9x V1.40

    I have heard many rumours of the new version of Snes9x coming out today, I never heard if Matthew Kendora actually released it or not, but i was wondering what the facts are
  13. scotty

    SNES emulation error

    Why does ZSNES keep giving me a black screen when i try to load it, I keep getting advice for it, but yet nothing seems to work. I still use SNES9X, but I want the change to ZSNES if this ever gets fixed
  14. scotty

    Who emulates the ROM Body Harvest???

    Many would say the game sucks, but anyways, I was wondering that because I am not sure if I have the correct settings. Everytime I try to cross the bridges in the game, It is as if the game will not let me cross, and if it does my vehicle is tossing and turning on the bridge. Heck even sometimes...