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    GlideN64 Patreon

    Hello :) Just a small note about GlideN64 patreon. Currently working on F-Zero X reflections on cars and Zelda MM lighting Feel free to chip in if you would like to support the development of this awesome plugin Thanks
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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    it is amazing :)
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    Glide64 'Napalm WX' Release 1

    New version of Glide64 out :)
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    Glide64 Napalm Public Release out

    The great Glide64 gfx plugin for N64 emulators is out in a new and kickass version Go ahead, test and enjoy this great release !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    40 winks

    oh a new game out ... OMG this is great ...
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    64dd dumped, now let s go for emulation ...

    Recently 64dd F-Zero Expansion Kit had been dumped. First game released after 64dd iplrom, a kind of bios It is may be time to see if there is any possibility to emulate the system now :-)
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    Sky in PD/GE

    Hello I would like to know if i am right as i didn t played those games on N64 according to the video i can see on the web, the sky is not a simple skybox but it looks like that the clouds are moving (is the direction always the same ? For me it looks like the direction of the movement of the...
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    ODT N64 on Project64

    a few ss from ODT N64
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    General N64 Beta Game Discussion Topic (formerly Toon Panic)

    look at this on ebay i don't know if it's true but i'm not surprised to see a beta game sold. Damn i'm not so rich, only one person 'll be able to play this game, otherwise ...
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    Glide64 new homepage !!!!!

    the new homepage of glide64 is online check the screenshots and videos section. May you'll guess some new cool features of the upcoming glide64 0.8 !!!!
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    About N64 misc

    it's funny how much miscs device there is for the N64 Here some of them, may be you'll be able to find more 1) a fishing stick
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    Knife Edge - Nose Gunner: too fast

    hie !! i tried to play Knife Edge - Nose Gunner but well in game it seems to be fair too fast with emulator. Is it the same on real n64 ? Did someone have a fix about that issue ? Thanks ;)
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    what is this game ?

    as i'm looking to buy some n64 games in Japan for my real n64 and i found a game which is for me unknown. I know nearly all the n64 games and i'm stuck here PLEASE: notice it's a VIDEOSYSTEM game so here some screenshots:
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    Yakouchuu II - Satsujun Kouru

    again a japanese n64 games that seems extremely hard to emulate: Yakouchuu II - Satsujun Kouru i'm looking for any tips or better settings for this game: it suffers a common bugs with nearly all emulator: when you can't get futher than the menu: there is a "loop" bug. There is 2...
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    i'm trying to make corn working under win2k sp4 and i don't succeed :( did someone try and succeed this ? Thanks
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    Nushi Zuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte

    this game is a real mystery for me ... (i'm not speaking of nushi zuri 64, it's not the same game) basically there is not a lot of information on it and it was only released in Japan this game is working only with 1964 and Nemu with direct64a (in fact 3d gfx can be displayed by any other...
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    Watashi Ha Kanemochi

    Watashi Ha Kanemochi what do you know about this game ? it seems that this game was released in Japan, never in USA nor Europe That's nearly all i know about this game that is may be had been completely cancelled. it would the second game not dumped for the N64 ... i didn't find a...
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    glide 0.7ME SP7 is out

    a major SP of glide0.7ME is out and the list of improvements is quite impressive so check glide64 site and enjoy !!!!
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    help !!! (again)

    Gonetz need screenshots of CBFD: check this thread :
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    help needed

    Gonetz (glide64 author) need a ss on real N64 of spacestation silicon valley of the first level (or at least an accurate description). hope someone played the game and may still have it. thanks !!!!!!