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    Yet another controversial poll

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    OMG GIB me ROMZ!

    [14:59.11] <+lrdcheese> can i ask for romz in here? [14:59.35] <Falcon4ev> only if you delete them within 24 hours ;P [15:00.00] <Falcon4ev> type /msg Martin64 dcc get #1 supermario sunshine.gcm [15:00.17] <+lrdcheese> lmao [16:55.27] <+Martin64> wtf [16:56.03] <+Martin64> <ArAgG0Rn> dcc get #1...
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    Common Errors in

    BIOS/Plugin Errors: Under Win9x, plugin paths are not being read/written properly - this whould be fixed shortly SH-4 Error: Unhandled instruction 0xXXXX at 0xAC010000 - This will usually mean that you are not descrambling a boot file that is scrambled or vice versa. SH-4 Error: Unhandled...
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    Regarding Compatibility Reports

    This is just re-iterating what I said today on the website: do not upload reports of commercial games as NONE work yet. For the moment, please just upload reports on demos/homebrew games. If a demo does not work, you can still submit a report - just do not submit commercial game reports.
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    Dreamemu Test Released!

    Don't get your hopes up, its not that big a deal. Not much work has been done on it save a new GUI and some 3d graphics support. Releasing test versions will make me aware of bugs, what is/isn't working and also tips/ideas from testers. Hopefully new test releases will be made available on a...
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    Regarding BIOS, ROM, ISO etc. Requests

    First and foremost, do not ask for any of these. You may, of course, ask where to find the latest version of Dreamemu or links to plugins, for example. To obtain the BIOS from your Dreamcast, follow these instructions: 1. Get a BBA, serial cable or LAN Adapter for the Dreamcast 2. Hook this...
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    New Releases

    I am planning to release Dreamemu soon, but as a "Public Alpha". Regular releases of both the emulator and plugins should be occuring here soon, so make sure u check back in a few weeks or so.