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  1. Keith

    Wow Time Flies!

    If memory serves me correctly we were on a different forum software prior to our November 25th date which is why some of us older ones all have the same registration date or close to it :)
  2. Keith

    Wow Time Flies!

    Next month it will have been 21 years since I was registered here. Crazy to think about sometimes lol. 23 years total since I started in the emulation community.
  3. Keith

    Wow Time Flies!

    Was checking my registration date .. November 25th 2001 .. course was around before then but still .. time sure has flown by. :)
  4. Keith

    Anyone still use IRC? ..

    Anyone still use IRC? .. maybe I am old school but I loved IRC. If so what server/channel?
  5. Keith

    clrmamepro 3.95a Released

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>A new bug fix build of the arcade emulation tool clrmamepro has been released. Here is the changes for version 3.95a. <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> fixed: placement of diskimage checks was wrong for full merged sets <font...
  6. Keith

    Ootake 0.79 Released

    Category: <b>Turbografx 16</b><br><br>A new version of the Turbografx 16/PC Engine emulator Ootake has been released. Here is the changes for version 0.79. <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> Processing related to interrupt was modeled on a real machine more. (When...
  7. Keith

    Nintendulator 0.965 Beta (2006/11/07) Released

    Category: <b>NES</b><br><br>New binaries and source for version 0.965 have been released for the Nintendo emulator Nintendulator. Changes for the November 7th release are unknown. Head on over to the official site for the downloads and for more information about Nintendulator. :: Nintendulator...
  8. Keith

    MAME32FX 0.110 FIX Released

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>A new fixed build of MAME32FX has been released. Here is the changes for this fixed release. <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> Fixed autofire bug that caused bad gfx in some games. (Crystal Of Kings, etc.) <font style="font-size...
  9. Keith

    Osmose 0-7-2 Linux and Sources Released

    Category: <b>SMS|GG</b><br><br>The Linux build and sources for the Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator Osmose has been released. The Windows build was released about a week ago and you can view changes from our post here. Here is what was posted for the sources and Linux build. Update 07 Nov...
  10. Keith

    Magical Starsign Review

    Magical Starsign Category: <b>Nintendo DS</b><br><br>Our own WhiteX has posted a new Review on the Nintendo DS game Magical Starsign. You can read the review over at our review sections and check out the screenshots on the review thread. If you would like to make a review for Emulation64 then...
  11. Keith

    bsnes WIP Report

    Category: <b>SNES</b><br><br>A new bsnes work in progress report has been posted today. I rewrote a lot of the cartridge file processing code to support the Bandai Sufami Turbo. All thirteen games are playable, and all are dualable in any combination. There are a few technical limitations such...
  12. Keith

    Nestopia 1.35 Released

    Category: <b>NES</b><br><br>A new version of the NES emulator Nestopia has been released. Here is a list of changes for version 1.35. Shell Additions: <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> Memory pool select for sound buffers. <font style="font-size...
  13. Keith

    Two Emulators For The DS Released

    Category: <b>Nintendo DS</b><br><br>Noddybox has released a new Sinclair ZX81 for the Nintendo DS and The Hive has released a new Public Beta Version of his Spectrum emulator for the Nintendo DS. Thanks to Wrags for the news. Head on over to the official sites for the downloads and for more...
  14. Keith

    More PS1P Information

    Category: <b>PSP</b><br><br>Our buddy Wrags has posted some more information regarding one of the upcoming Playstation emulators for the PSP. Wrags has posted a new video of PS1P running Ridge Racer. You can get the full scoop and the video link over at PSP-News. :: PS1P Ridge Racer video (PSX...
  15. Keith

    RockNES Developer Looking For Some Help

    Category: <b>NES</b><br><br>Fx3 Is looking for some help with the sound output driver for RockNES. Here is what Fx3 had to say about the problem he is having. There's a problem in the sound output driver, which makes the emulation slow and choppy. I tried lots of different things to bypass it...
  16. Keith

    clrmamepro 3.95 Released

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>A new version for the arcade utitility tool clrmamepro has been released. Here is the changes for version 3.95. <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> added: support for diskimage 'merge' tags. This is also handled by the profiler option 'parse...
  17. Keith

    MAME 0.110 And Other Related Releases

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>A new version of the multiple arcade emulator MAME has been released. You can view the complete changes here. A new version of MAME32 has also been released to go along with the new changes from version 0.110. MAME32FX added to the list of releases. :: MAME...
  18. Keith

    MAME32FX 0.109u5 Released

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>A new intermediate build for MAME32FX has been released. Here is the additional changes that go along with the changes from MAME 0.109u5. <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> Added search game bar to the GUI. (As requested, imported from...
  19. Keith

    PSP Playstation Emulator WIPs

    Category: <b>PSP</b><br><br>Our buddy wrags has reported some nice work in progress reports for two upcoming Playstation emulators for the PSP. Now that I downgraded my White PSP I am looking forward to some new goodies. You can check out the full reports from the following two posts from...
  20. Keith

    WinUAE 1.3.3 Released

    Category: <b>Amiga</b><br><br>A new version of the Amiga emulator for Windows has been released. Here is the list of changes for version 1.3.3. <font style="font-size: 12px"><strong>•</strong></font> big E-UAE merge, cleanups, optimizations etc.. Bug fixed: <font style="font-size...