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    Update: NeutrinoSX2 v0.08.01

    We would like to get some feedback! :) Anyway, Enjoy! :) Binary: Source:
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    NeutrinoSX2 v0.08 Released!

    Most part of nSX2 has been rewritten. Also, thanks to all who support us. Enjoy! :) Binary: Source:
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    Happy birthday apexad!!!

    :holiday: :holiday: :flowers:
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    Happy Birthday Pixi!!!

    Just saw this btw :). Happy b-day. :holiday:
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    New Console By Nintendo?

    I Just found this. The Next Nintendo Console, Called NEXUS.
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    something for XD's...

    I Just found this for XD's... :)
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    happy birthday Redah!!

    :holiday: :holiday: :holiday: :happy: :happy: