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  1. starfox5194

    6x antialaising crash...

    Hey, i'm not really sure if this question was answered before... but when i try and select 6x multisampling i get a direct 3d device creation error. i have tried 4 and 2x those work great... but 6 has that crash specs are in sig thanks in advanced ps using latest beta 3
  2. starfox5194

    ArtMoney Codes

    Ok, for those of you who don't know, ArtMoney is a ram process editor. That means it can be used as a multiple system Action Replay. I think It would be cool if everybody who knows how to use a ArtMoney can chip in and show us your codes for dolphin 64 Beta 3. So I think it should be...
  3. starfox5194

    awesome idea!

    I know this would take a bit of work... but If someone could implement a lan adapter plugin for dolphin I bet we would be able to use Xlink Kai with the emulator. I know this already works with the reguala gc so why shouldn't it work with dolphin! Just saying it would be cool if anyone knew...
  4. starfox5194

    Anyone interested in doing a ssbm retexture for ssb

    Hey, as most of you know... (mabye) i am not very active in the forums. But I decided that i might as well try to contribute to this forum place thing. And give you a bunch of ssbm textures. these are not pre-compatible. these are the actual textures freshley ripped from the dolphin GC emu for...
  5. starfox5194

    how to get specific textures and how to make animated charcters

    can anyone tell me of some way to get ceriain textures from ssb. i'm looking for just link when he is red i know how to get the textures but it comes action packed with about 1,000 more that i don't need ao if there is ome action replay code or whatever can you please tell me. also does anyone...
  6. starfox5194

    Best nds emu

    i have a P4 1.8 ghz nvidia 7600 GT 1 GB ram xp sp2 what is the best emulator for my pc Thx very much
  7. starfox5194

    What is the best emu

    what is the best gamecube emulator (including custom RELEASED builds) out there for lower end machines. Thx a lot
  8. starfox5194

    starfox 64 retexture.

    can sum 1 give me as many starfox 64 ship and charcter textures as they can cuz i cant get them out of the game.... thanks in advance