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  1. Pokemoner

    Hi-res sound?

    hey guys,how r u :bouncy: I was just wondering if it's possible to create a plugin that replaces N64 sound tracks with new ones,just like what rice plugin does to textures..Hi-res sound u know =] crazy question I know,but couldn't hold myself.. thnx
  2. Pokemoner

    TPL Viewer Needed!

    Hi.. I want to know if there is any tool that able to view files with .tpl extension extracted from Paper Mario2. Thnx
  3. Pokemoner

    Resolution Problem!

    Hi fellas.. Last night,I tried walking alittle in Paper Mario2 with Dolphin 1.03,I dumped some textures from it (Really amazing.I took dumps for toad and alot of staff and characters :bouncy: )..but the problem is that the textures dumped by Dolphin is low resolution ones(the trees,walls...
  4. Pokemoner

    Strange Conker problem!!

    Its when I play Conker on 4 players,Strangly 3rd & 4th players have not stable screens..I mean the camera moves in all directions which makes it unplayable..this happens only on 3 or 4 players..Tried Jabo & Rice plugins but no use..Anybody help?? Thanx
  5. Pokemoner

    Tell me more about MMORPG!

    So..I need to know what is the meanin of Massive Multiplayer Online RPG.. How it can be online?How it can be multiplayer? Thanx
  6. Pokemoner

    Help me to choose a card

    Hi all...After a lot of proofs that made me believe that my GeForce 4 mx440 is the biggest Peace of Junk i've ever got...I thought a lot about changing my,I went to find that I have Money to buy 1 of 3: 1-ATI Readon 9000SE 2-ATI Hercules(I think that is the name)9000 3-GeForce FX 5200 I...
  7. Pokemoner

    How to run FFXI??

    Hi all..After installing FFXI..I couldnt manage to get it to run..Cuz there is no *.exe to run from..just Play online viewer..then nothing..any help please.. Thanx
  8. Pokemoner

    Geforce3 or Geforce4??

    Hi All...I was asking which is better: a Geforce4 mx or aGeforce3 mx?I knew that Geforce3 has pixel & vertex shader support..which is not in Geforce4 ... thanx
  9. Pokemoner

    Questions about Render Settings..

    First I want to thank Rice about his great efforts..Good work man. :) Then I have some questions: 1-At directx mode:Whats the best combiner type for Geforce4 mx440 64mI choose To Fit VideoCard but problems still found..e.g:Zelda OoT:While choosing ToFit the game is good but the fairy is...
  10. Pokemoner

    Sims superstar problem!!

    It's really a diffecult problem to solve and a lot of people faced it...when I install Sims superstar expantion pack and run the game..EA games symbol appears..loading screen after it..then,the game crashes to desktop.I really tried every thing and every patch I found but :down: it's no use..Any...
  11. Pokemoner

    Making ISO!!

    Can I make some files and folders in .iso file from hard disk not from CD?
  12. Pokemoner

    Hardware problem with geforce4!!

    Can u tell me how geforce 4 mx 440 is detected as 2X AGP card?Games such as Gta VC and Generals are slow..That happens only on my motherboard "shuttle AC18a"..I tested the card on Intel & gegabyte & it's running perfectly..I also tried latest driver but nothing :saddam:
  13. Pokemoner

    Simcity4 question

    Hi..I'm facing problem white playing sc4..After half an hour of creating,building & earning money..Houses & factories become black and people abandon them..At first I thought that it's air pullotion so I built houses far away..but NO USE..Can sc4 fans help me???
  14. Pokemoner

    Pokemon Snap & Glide 0.5 !!

    So anybody tried using Glide 0.5?its really combitible for many games.. It can also run Pokemon Snap perfectly..the shots is clear..but there is a problem : when prof.Oak rates the picked pictures you get only 210 pts for any picture u pick..saying that picture s too close..I tried all positions...
  15. Pokemoner

    pokemon puzzle league!!

    Heeeeeeeeeeelp..I can't play pokemon puzzle league. The grafics is missed up.What shall I do?
  16. Pokemoner

    Zelda : The 4 swards!!!

    Can any body tell me how to play 4 swards ? I tryed TGB Dual but this programme doesn't run any GBA game..It didn't run Pokemon Ruby .. need help.. Thank you!!:baaa:
  17. Pokemoner

    Game cube,PS2,XboX:hot games but what about emulators???

    I just wonder if emulators for Game cube,PS2,XboX,espicially gamecube,are being it possible?and if yes..when will it be???
  18. Pokemoner

    Problems with DR.Mario!!

    How can I get Dr Mario playable?[I know it's astupid game but I want to run it properly]... :happy:
  19. Pokemoner

    What's the BEST N64 you've ever seen ??

    A lot of N64 games is very good..but which one of them is the best??? I think it's Legend of zelda OoT ...what about you?:baaa:
  20. Pokemoner

    hey you...pikachu!

    Is there away to play Hey you pikachu without using n64 mic?:n64: