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  1. Shibb

    A Lil' OT: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    well i thought id update you guys on the new zelda game coming to gamecube, since me and clements, got into a discussion about it, they just released the e3 trailer today and the game looks amazing imo The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Update Page
  2. Shibb

    Psp Emulation On The Way!

    according to this psp emulation is indeed in the near future. I was also reading on another forum which said a modified ps2 emu may be able to run these games. At first I thought this was b/s until I saw the Following NOTE: I DO CONDONE PIRACY IN ANY...
  3. Shibb

    dont waste time on the goldeneye mod

    it wouldnt be wise to waste your time on this mod guys, because I stumbled accross this site about 2 months ago and frankly the screens look amazing. granted its for the hl2 source engine its still amazing and hard to match up to.
  4. Shibb

    Majoras Mask Rice Problems

    i was going to start work on my retexturing of mm today, as seen posted in muh muhs thread, their is a major problem i am facing. Using rices plugin (non beta) with default settings and the [u] version of the game, im running into some major problems. For some reason whether im using ninteen...
  5. Shibb

    Best settings for Rice Video 6.1.0c

    hey guys i have a radeon 9800xt and i recently upgraded to rices new video, the games run fine, id just like some input on the best settings cuz i get these 3 weird ass lines on my screen, and some textures seem to be missing, any input maybe from rice himself? would be greatly apperciated thx...
  6. Shibb

    Dolphin Runtime errors

    hey guys, im a new poster, but have used this site for like 2 years (im more of a pj64 (1.6 holla), MAMEox and surreal beta 3b for xbox user) i recently downloaded newest version of dolphin as well as dolphin and grabbed the graphics plugins, the dlls for dolphin and the port for dolwin. Ive...