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  1. rcgamer

    your top five online ps2 games

    just wondering what some of you guys favorite ps2 online games were. thinking of getting some. of course i already know the usual football and basketball, but what are some others?
  2. rcgamer

    linux isnt so bad after all.

    ive given a few half hearted attempts at using linux before. and never really cared for it as i was simply to lazy to get it all set up right. using mandrake once before , as soon as i started it up i was like "i have no idea what this is" and formatted it after about 2 days. this time i...
  3. rcgamer

    Some oblivion screens

    thought id post some screens from the next game of the year.
  4. rcgamer

    SSF 0.7 beta sceensshots

    Decided to start an ssf screenshot thread using the latest version. Up first is some from burning rangers.
  5. rcgamer

    what do you guys think of this

    I just ordered this after selling some stuff on ebay(my DC and N64 sniff). and i got the combo deal so i got this as well from what everyone on guru3d and the reviewers...
  6. rcgamer

    There is a new dreamcast game out!!!!

    A new Dreamcast game is out. Theres a new game out for the dc. Its called trizeal, its made by a small software company named triangle service. Its a shump (shooter). The game seems to be doing quite well, even outselling a psp game and it was number 2 on liksangs best sellers. If you want to...
  7. rcgamer

    Look What I Got

    Just came today, finally. my new msi 6600gt. I also got 1 gig of Kingston dual channel pc3200 memory. heres some screens, check out the software bundle you get with the card. Uru, xiii, pop sot, 12 in one gamepack , others. Sorry for the large file size. edit-actually the 12 in one is a 14 in...
  8. rcgamer

    zinc + petes plugins + awesome

    here are some shots with zinc using petes epsxe plugins. check out the fps. the first two are from rival schools. i had to manually set the fps because on auto it detected it as 30 and when i took off framelimitting it went to over 300. the second two are from star gladiator . sorry about the...
  9. rcgamer

    has anyone gotten satourne 1.1p to work and how?

    i cant get this emu to do anything but show the bios. if i try to run any game (and i checked the compatabioity list at the official forums) all i get is opcode errors or it just gos to bios (even after changing to all differant regions). one faq says to name the bios saturn_bios.bin and another...
  10. rcgamer

    please give me a step by step for ssf

    hey guys need some help with this emu. i cant make heads or tails of it. I have ssf prototype 07 r12, i have renamed the bios to bootROM.bin. but when i try to start it i get an error about sse2. whats is that. if someone could post a guide for this i would really appreciate it. thanks.
  11. rcgamer

    Kal online , its free

    have you guys tried this game. kal online its a free mmorpg. The graphics are excellent for a free game, better than everquests. movement is point and click and you use the direction arrow keys for looking around. oh yeah did i mention it was free. here is a link to the english site and a...
  12. rcgamer

    mario forever, have you tried it?

    i downloaded mario forever from cnet downloads and i am pretty impressed with it(for freeware). i wonder why the author isnt in hot water with nintendo. this is exactly like a nes or supernes mario title. music , sound effects and all. will make you think its some lost game nintendo never told...
  13. rcgamer

    is n64 emulation dying?

    this board has been pretty much dead lately. no plugin updates or emulator updates in a while. is the scene dying? has everyone started to switch to newer systems to emulate?
  14. rcgamer

    ogre battle using pj64 and glide 64me service pack 8

    here are some shots from ogre battle 64 using the newest glide64 plugin. notice the fps even on the battle scenes. nice eh? this is with hacs wrapper as well.
  15. rcgamer

    im finally back on!!

    Im finally back. hello all. I fried my old motherboard, 3 months ago. now im back and better . i went ahead and got a new case , with a 400 watt power supply, an nforce 2 ultra al motherboard, and a amd 3000+ /barton core processor. anyway , nice to be back , i really missed this place...
  16. rcgamer

    how to keep your settings???

    everytime i configure the settings for the dreamcast , the next time i open it the settings have reverted back to the original settings(spanish, clock /date , etc.) how do you keep the settings ???
  17. rcgamer

    a new version again already???

    emulatronia reports that there will very soon be a new version of chanka and it will play shemmue.
  18. rcgamer

    Another question for Rice

    isnt thie transition effect on doors in bajo kazooie(see pic) the same effect as the bowser /peach transition. I was wondering why it worked in banjo and not super mario 64. thanks.
  19. rcgamer

    rices 5.5.1 starts to show graphics in rogue squadron

    maybe you know this already but i was able to get some graphics on rogue squadron.
  20. rcgamer

    some screens from rices 5.5.1

    check out how well rices is emulating yoshi now, also a few screens you dont see all the time.