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  1. thecraft

    Fucking Microcock!!!

    First they buy Rare... Now they want Capcom... And they kill lik-sang? Why couldn't Laden bomb the fucking MS building instead of the WMC!?! MS sucks a gay horses nuts... fuck MS, MS blows. If gaytes gets killed i will be laughing hard untill they put me in a sound-proof room or if i collaspe...
  2. thecraft

    Hmm... need some ppl to try this software out.

    Okay, I finished a simple peice of software that can tell the user whether some hardware (Proccesor, RAM, and Video Card) may need and upgrade. I did the measurements (as in 90MHz sucks and any GHz rulez, etc.) to my best guess. All i need is a few people with awsome (and old) PC's to see if i...
  3. thecraft

    This is messed up...

    I found this at the winamp forums awhile back. It's fake though Boy Dies When Practicle Joke Goes Wrong:
  4. thecraft

    Problem With (I think) DirectDraw

    Think Of Being In A Situation Where Formatting Your Harddrive is not an option :) Ok, I'm having a problem with DirectX8.1 (Well, "I didn't think it was possible, but microcock both sucks and blows") A lot of GFX in Games (NOT ROMS) that use DirectX have many 2D GFX Errors like being...
  5. thecraft

    Grrr... I'm getting sick and tried of this...

    It may be just be cause I hate XBOX as much as Laden and think GCN is the best consle ever, But I want beat the hell out of Kuriousg3 (and Gamer123 possibily) for his comments: :devil: But, so Martin...
  6. thecraft

    Overclocking, Good Or Bad?

    Well, as the topic states, would it be good or bad? I want my Vid. Card to be Overclocked, but I heard if you don't have a good fan it will burn out? That true? But anyways, I got a fan and whenever I touch the casing, it usually the same as the room temp. And then there is this friend that has...
  7. thecraft

    Best Glide Wrapper

    Hey, what would you think is the best (counting Compatiblity and Speed) Glide Wrapper for a nVidia Card? I have eVoodoo, GL2ideal, OpenGLide, and Clide. eVoodoo is the one I'm using right now, specs are below:
  8. thecraft

    Gameshark Codes don't work.

    Hey Wuzzup? The Gameshark cheats in 1964 don't work. (actually some do, but it sometimes crashes the game, music keeps running and the screen goes black.) How do I fix this? BTW: Does the "Expansion Pak required for more than 15 cheats on" from the original Gamehark still apply on 1964?