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  1. nephalim

    confusing laptops...part 2...

    OK, sorry for doing this twice, but i'm going to make it very clear this time. What's the fastest processor currently offered for notebooks? Is it the Pentium M 1.7ghz, or the Mobile Pentium 4 (Non-M) 3.06ghz w/ hyperthreading. I know this may seem like a stupid question at face value, but it's...
  2. nephalim

    Since when was buying a laptop so damn confusing?

    It's so hard to figure out what is better than something else, at Dell's site they have 3 different "ultimate" models, with the most expensive seemingly having a ridiculously slow processor...i'll make this simple. I'll just ask a few questions. What's with this new "Pentium Processor M"? How...
  3. nephalim

    Digital Cable

    Well, this isn't about computers, but it's close. I moved from Queens, NY, to Lake Carmel, NY (Putnam County.) My digital cable now sucks. Before I had a guide that was 5 times better, svideo and coax digital outputs, and on demand channels for each movie channel (except starz) and on demand...
  4. nephalim

    Let there be darkness

    How many people here were in the blackout? I don't think can't imagine what it's like being in manhattan and all of a sudden *boom* NOTHING works! The lights go out, all the stores close and millions of people are forced out into the streets. Then the streetlights go out and with the...
  5. nephalim

    SNES ROM Tools?

    I was trying to find a tool to combine split ROM formats and convert ROMS to other formats, and I came up dry. Anyone know what i'm looking for? I got goodsnes, I want to make up my (hopefully) complete list of SNES ROMS (and NES ones as well, but that's much simpler,) and fix any fixable...
  6. nephalim

    How worried are you about the RIAA & Subpoenas?

  7. nephalim

    DirectX 9.0b / Ad-Aware 6.181

    They released 9.0b today. 9.0 must have been REALLY buggy! I know of at least one really nasty security problem, and suspect there are many. Just a heads up for those who like to keep on top of these things. M$ also released a new advanced networking pack. Also, a new build of Ad-Aware is...
  8. nephalim

    Alienware Laptops

    I saw a link to them and checked it out, never heard of them before, and they seem to offer some really nice machines at a decent price. I'm wondering whether it would be a good idea or not...laptops are very very delicate creatures, and I don't feel 'safe' buying from a company that doesn't...
  9. nephalim

    Registry Cleaning

    Is there a safe effective program for doing this? (WinXP) EDIT: I also want to clean up whatever unused/temp/cache files that windows is known for making stockpiles of (other than the simple temp folder, temporary internet files/cookies/history, recent files list.) Any recommendations on this...
  10. nephalim

    Figuring out that damn framebuffer emulation stuffs in Jabo's 1.5

    OK, there are several Framebuffer options. Here they are, as well as what I understand them to mean. I am not sure of ALOT of this so this is FAR from the word of god. I am making this topic #1 to help those who don't understand these options, and #2 so that more advanced folks can try and...
  11. nephalim


    OK, my ATI M9 64MB came today, so please tell me what I need to know. Greatly appreciated. I was told to uninstall my drivers, and i'll do that, but I need the catalyst tweaker, if i'm to use catalyst (why not use the Dell Drivers, do they suck?) I also need to know how to properly ground myself...
  12. nephalim

    Your computer may soon explode :huh: EDIT: This post in no way construes that I actually believe said bullshit.
  13. nephalim


    I don't remember exactly what I did, perhaps installing DirectX 9, but all of a sudden when I boot my machine the bios screen and the first windows loading screen are not scaled to fit my laptop screen. I can't find any setting for this in the bios, and the graphics card (ati mobility m4)...
  14. nephalim

    GoodN64 Problem

    I did a GoodN64 run on my ROMS, and 2 came up hacked. I applied a patch that should work, at least for one of them. However, GoodN64 refuses to do the process again! I even moved all the ROMS to a totally different directory, but it won't rename them again, all it does is give me the useless...
  15. nephalim


    What in gods name is this .NET stuff? Can someone please explain it to me, I just don't get it. I thought it had something to do with the internet, but now I hear it's programming related? Maybe both? :ermm: EDITED
  16. nephalim


    I've got a laptop, with a SXGA+ LCD Screen. This means that no matter what the situation is, the resolution i'm looking at is 1400x1050, period. I'm sure you all knew that. But anyway, here's my question. Let's say i'm doing some N64 emulation. Would it be better to set the N64 GFX plugin to...
  17. nephalim

    What's most important in a graphics card?

    Whatcha think?
  18. nephalim

    Cool Windows Themes

    Where do all you folks get them from? You know, cool colors & cool buttons and title bars and stuff like that. EDIT: Windows XP, BTW. Better look, I guess, but i'm sick of it.
  19. nephalim

    Display new threads

    How does the system define "new."?
  20. nephalim

    Borland C++ Builder vs. Micro$oft Visual C++

    Borland C++ Builder vs. Micro$oft Visual C++ vs. G++ What's your preference? What's better for making an emulator? God I hate M$...i'd rather use straight assembly I think :geek: Is using assembly in an emulator inevitable? What's a good way to learn it?