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    RockmanZERO screens

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    "Metroid Fusion"for GBA

    Yaahoo a new metroid game there is nothing more than a trailer avaible.All good old weapons,but a new armor,that looks like shit to me.Sometimes you meet a clone(see end of trailer)he has the good old Super metroid armor look here
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    Super mario advanced 3:Yoshies island

    Sad but true super mario advanced 3 will be yoshies island
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    Oracle games vs. Link's awakening

    Vote,the poll will end in 31 days
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    I hope anyone remembers how to go through this...

    I am stuck at super metroid I still fall down do you know how to go through here?
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    gbx player a fake?seems so zero look at this EDIT:GBX player saves are working with visual boy:hrm: