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    Utility of Time download needed

    I need a download link to UoT beta 3.?? (I forgot the digits.). Someone, please upload Uot.
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    Bot ASSAULT!

    Emutalk is bing assaulted by another bot. Admins and mods, delete and ip ban it!
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    Need help with a Compaq Armada 7770 DMT laptop.......

    I got a message everytime I botted up the dang thing that said "incorrrect M-DOS version", so I read on a site on how to fix that. I clicked around on a buch of dos apps, just to see what they did. I turned off my laptop, then turned it back on after a while. It seemed mormal, the 37****...
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    Need suggestions for Palm m515

    I'm looking for a good free text-based RPG for my Palm that is based on Palm OS version 4.1 . Anyone know of any? I'm also looking for a text-based RPG creator for my Palm and some free SNES and NES emulators. Thanks for all suggestions.
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    Weird noise.....

    I came across a weird sound when using a GameShark on SM64. It happened when I had the level select and unlimited health on. I was flying up as high as I could go and then did a ground pound. The game went on, yet the sound played. A similar person found this. Listen...
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    need help with oot debug rom

    when I load it I get no sound or video, just a black screen.
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    Will not take screens

    When I press F3 a window pops up and says PROJECT64_.EXE will now close. If this continues, try restarting your computer. Now When I look in the screens folder, they are in jpeg format and when my computer opens them, there is nothing there.
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    Need help with an old Win. ME platinum edition.

    It won't detect a mouse. It has an old serial port for the mouse and I have an adapter for it. The computer will detect the keyboard.
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    MNGE's Email response

    AHAH! MNGE (MNGoldenEagle), founder of Zelda's Secret Ocarina, hacked my own old forums, missingno's forums, and has recently registered on my forums, where I deleted his account. Look at his email address at missingno's forums.His user is The Gay Lord.ugh.Then I...
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    Laptop refernces.

    I'm about to buy my own laptop,so what laptop would you recommend?
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    You all remember ruger27,right?Well,saying this will probably get me banned,but I'm the real ruger!My accounts on multiple sites had been hacked because I used the same password on all of them.Also,I have been accused of hacking ZSO.That was the hacker,not me.He hacked my old forums at...