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  1. yegosimo

    Video card overheating?

    Hey buds. I don't know if you remember but I was looking for a video card for my Dell Inspiron 531s, which had to be a low-profile one. I got this one (ATI Radeon Visiontek X1300 256MB PCI-E) from the Dell online store, which specified that the product was totally compatible with my desktop PC...
  2. yegosimo

    Leopard on XP?

    Hey there.. I had been using Win Os X on my Windows XP computer but since Leopard has shown up I have wanted to get a very similar application that will give me the whole look of Leopard.. Any fine ideas?.. I haven't found much.. just stupid WindowBlinds themes.. (I've tried Vista OS X in my...
  3. yegosimo

    Graphics Card for Dell Inspiron 531s

    Hey Emutalk buddies, it's been a long time.. haha I need some help from you guys, I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 531s PC [AMD Athlon X2 4000+ / 1GB + 2GB RAM / 160GB HD/ NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 @ 256MB Integrated Card / Windows Vista Home Basic] The point is that I want a graphics...
  4. yegosimo

    Photoshop work..

    I just wanted to show some basic Photoshop work of mine.. It's pretty basic stuff, I've been trying to learn to use it by myself, and this is some of what I can create.. What do you think? (If you have some Photoshop stuff post it here so I can see if I'm better than you.. :happy: )
  5. yegosimo

    Microsoft Surface

    Have you guys heard of this? Microsoft Surface Overview Pretty cool uh?
  6. yegosimo

    Dragon Ball Z: The movie

    Said to be released on 2008 WTF? :blink: I think that this movie would be better if it's made with cartoons rather than real life people.. x.x
  7. yegosimo

    What do you think of this PC???

    Hey buddies I'm going to buy a computer, and they offer me one with this specs.. Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 AM2 Box Memory: 2 X KVR 1GB DDR2-533MHz Non-ECC CL4 DIMM Hard Drive: WD WD1600AABS 160GB SATA-II 2MB 7200 RPM Mother Board: ASUS M2N-MX AMD2 S/L/SATA/PCIE (Without Integrated...
  8. yegosimo

    Today is Bill Gates Birthday...

    He's 51 yrs old now... Happy birthday dude! :holiday:
  9. yegosimo

    Save States Forums

    I'm planning to make a forum dedicated to saved game states so that we could all submit our saved states for the rest of the world. I would make it on since I don't have money to pay hosting things and forum software like phpbb and vbulletin. I posted this thread to see how many of...
  10. yegosimo

    Problem with file

    Uh ... I got this turkey sound from the net and I want to use it so that the cell sounds like a turkey each time I get a SMS. I can transfer it to my cell phone (Moto L6) but it won't work as a ringtone unless it's a mp3 or whatever, so I have to convert it. I already tried Nero WaveEditor to...
  11. yegosimo

    PHP modifying question

    Ok, I made some forums of a rock band at Proboards. After 20 days of existence, some dude came and told me "Hey, I can host you a phpBB2 forum for free! What do you say?" and then, after discussing with 2 of my mods, I accepted the offer. The new forums are very good, I like them a lot, but I...
  12. yegosimo

    China: The Emerging Superpower

    I've heard a lot about this. China will possibly be the 21st century superpower of the world, since of so many factors like the size of its population, of its territory, and obviously their economic power. You know... it may someday cause a revolution, a war or something (that would probably be...
  13. yegosimo

    IE Problem

    ... I just swithed to Firefox because of this problem. The thing is that when I open IE it loads nothing, and I mean... nothing, it's like if the program doesn't respond, but in the Task Manager it appears normal. I need to get it repaired so that I can access websites that I can't access with...
  14. yegosimo

    Home-Made Video Game

    My class is planning about making a Home-Made Video Game in which we will create ourselves in a Super Smash Bros-Like game... A professor told us that he would teach us how to make the game with Macromedia, but I think that it won't be a good idea. I was thinking that it should be better if we...
  15. yegosimo

    Mac OS X Boot Screen???

    Ok, I downloaded an app called FlyakiteOSX v3.5 (Freeware) that modifies you Visual Style, Login Screen, Turn on/off thing, adds a the typical OS X taskbar, etc, etc. I managed to install skins for Firefox, Winamp and WMP and it's kind of sorted out... I have a Mac.. lol But the thing is that I...
  16. yegosimo

    The Microsoft Zune

    Oh yeah... it seems that the Ipod will have a new friend... Microsoft Zune Virtual Pressroom
  17. yegosimo

    Forum Skin

    Uh... Just curious... Which forum skin do you use? I use "Emutalk"... makes me feel very simple...
  18. yegosimo

    Straight Lines

    Keith suffers from a condition which means he can only walk in straight lines. Dr Pirie attempts to cure him. Straight Lines
  19. yegosimo

    17 yrs old..!!

    Lol, yeah, it's my birthday :party: Happy birthday to RescueRabbit (35), fragiskos (31), bh_superman (29), calisa (27), eiji_gaidin (23), __killer__ (22), bcrew1375 (22), themind (21), bositman (20), mastermad1 (20), SyKo (20), burning (19), NeoSol (18), bodie (8)
  20. yegosimo

    XP or Vista?

    Uh.. My XP Home SP2 isn't working well, and I need to format soon. Do I begin using Vista RC1 as my default OS? Do you think that my PC will do better performance? Or do I keep using this buggy Windows? I know the specs suck, but I can't customize my PC since it's prebuilt. :down: [EDIT: Sorry...