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    Dynamite Cop broken on 0.7 (lose input after game start)

    Gone through my library on 0.7 and everything is great, but encountered a strange problem on Dynamite cop. Basically, input is not recognized after starting the game, specifically on the memory card selector screen. Input works fine on DC logo and all other DC games, but nothing here. It's not...
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    Glide64 "Napalm" 1.1 released!!

    New version of Glide64 is OUT!! This is Glide64 "Napalm" 1.1. The great N64 video plugin now supports widescreen resolutions and texture dumping! Those are 2 nifty little features that many people will surely appreciate! With this release, Glide64 pretty much does it all. I urge all of you to...
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    Glide64 can now do texture dumping!!

    In case this hasn't gotten around yet, Glide64 can finally dump textures. A little experimental currently but should work and you can provide feedback and Gonetz will listen. Glide64 is the best N64 plugin IMO and now it does absolutely everything! So try it!! :evil: Link to thread and current...
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    Skies in PD and GE in Glide64!

    That's right!! The brilliant coder Gonetz has emulated the skies perfectly for GE and PD in his HLE plugin Glide64!! It's in beta now and no telling when the public release is going to be but when it does come out, this is gonna be massive. Not too many games left for this plugin to perfect...
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    Sega Rally Championship crashes at end of level 1

    Sega Rally Championship crashes after completing the first level on SSF 0.8R10. It works fine on 0.7R8 fine but slower. It shows the following error message upon crash.
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    Batman Forever says there's no pad 1

    The game refuses to start up because it states: "No pad in port 1". I obviously have pad 1 set to "controller pad" and all my other games work just fine with the controller. I tried to set the "Pad 1" as different pad types but that did'nt help either and I set "Pad 2" to controller pad and...
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    FB notification consistancy...

    Just thought I’d put a list here showing where FB notification is working and where it appears it is not working so far. Since it looks like Hacks is continuing on Mupen, hopefully he can make this great system better-as it’s the only working FB notification system that works. This is a list a...
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    Space Invaders and Star Wars Racer playable?

    Space Invaders doesn't boot graphics with any plugin and Star Wars Racers has wrong resolution and is not playable. Any way to fix it or only through the use of another emulator?
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    Brand new Glide64 wrapper!!

    Just wanted to share with everyone and give some press to the hard work Ziggy has been doing with the wrapper. He just released a brand new version that's so near perfection, it's not even funny. You can follow what he's been doing over at the Mupen forum. He's been updating his linux version...
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    Sourcecode released for the greatest N64 frontend!!

    Since the PJ site is down for awhile I'll go ahead and put this here. This is the N64 Gamesloader which is terrific. You can configure all games to use whatever plugin they need and what emu to run on. After setup. all you need to do is double-click your game and play. No more configuration...
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    Buzz and Waldog new Nintendo game...

    Check out this link if you haven't heard, but this unreleased game is floating around. Look at the You tube video, it looks and plays like a super nes game. It looks awesome. The only problem is it doesn't play on Jnes. I get a Mapper #12 unsupported error. Jabo, I'm not sure if you still...
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    No 3-D effect in games like Rad Racer/ World Runner?

    I was very excited when I found out that there were 3-D games for the nes (the 2 in the title). But both don't work when you press select and enter 3-D mode-they flicker and it doesn't work. I tried various roms and all don't work. There was one more 3-D game, a sequel to WR, called JJ and it...
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    Goldeneye save from 1964 to PJ...

    I've imported all my saves just fine except this one. I've tried renaming the eep file properly. I've checked that they're using the same save type. I've tried doing a save state to a "PJ " file, that did'nt work. I've tried doing another save state and renaming it. It doesn't use an mempak...
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    What are .M1, .M2 mempak extensions?

    I'm using Nrage's plugin and I'm going to start organizing my mempaks instead of letting the emulator handle it. It doesn't see any of 1964's mpk's because their extension is .M0 instead of .mpk. So fine, I'll change the extension. But I noticed that alot of my games have ALSO another file or...
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    Mario Golf Mini Golf

    The game runs very well these days. But with Glide, Rice and even Jabo's plugins, the yellow borders in the mini golf area are all screwed up and make it very hard to play. Is there any way to fix the borders?
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    Conker junk using Jabo 1.6

    Is there a way to get rid of the palette of colors on the top of the screen. It's pretty distracting since the colors are changing every second. I've tried everything including changing emulated width and height. Are you guys getting this too? By the way, it looks alot worst than this...
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    KI Gold + Jabo 1.6

    Does anyone know why you can get the menus with PJ64 but not with 1964? That doesn't seem right. Is there something I'm missing?
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    All-star baseball 2000 & 2001 still not playable?

    I've checked the archives and I can't find any way it seems to get these to play without freezing at some point with either 1964 or Pj64. Any suggestions? Should I bother to get '99-does that even work with 1964? Thanks.
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    Core bug report

    In Mario Party 2, when you unlock and try to start "Dungeun Duos", it shuts off the video plugin with a gfx exception. This is what Gonetz had to say: "This crash in dangeon dash minigame is caused by a bug in emulator's core. Jabo's plugin also crashes at this place."
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    Constant or Ramp force?

    I can't find any documentation about this N-rage imput feature so i thought I'd ask here. I'm using Ramp since it seems to be stronger and I kinda like that. But what's the difference? Is one more accurate or something?