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  1. Bighead

    BigHead's Emulation Site is Down

    I know this post is a few years old, but I have just come upon it now. Rest assured that I will keep this site up as long as I live. As for why it is hard to find archives of it, it's because I've always chosen free hosts so I don't have to actually pay anything to keep it up. If you wish to...
  2. Bighead

    Super Mario Land in Color!

    Sharing this in hopes it will reach people. Check the link below for more details: In short I have recolored the entire Super Mario Land for the "Game Boy Enhanced" emulator.
  3. Bighead

    N64 Config List v4

    Hi everyone. It's been years since I was active in any emulation forums, but once upon a time I used to work on an emulation configuration list for N64 games because it was fun to test and share my experiences. The N64 was my all time favorite system, and seeing it emulated it is amazing to me...
  4. Bighead

    NFL Quarterback Club 99-2001

    I am hoping someone can give me some insight into what exactly is wrong with these games. According to Project64 RDB, 99 is marked as (unstable?). According to the Glide64 help file, it says to use Nemu64 0.8 for all three of these games. So I'm assuming whatever issue NFL QBC 99 suffers from...
  5. Bighead

    Bighead's Config List

    Hello everyone. I seen there was a lot of confusion as seen in my old post: The reason my website went down, is because my host emuxhaven was having issues for awhile. They finally went back up, but my site didn't. I sent an email questioning if I...
  6. Bighead

    Mario Kart 64

    I was reading the RDB and I noticed for mario kart this was mentioned: In Multiplayer, why does Player1 have no audio? This may be how the game is on the real system - only Player2 has sound effects (uncomfirmed?). I was playing Mario Kart 64 the other day 4 player at a friends house, on an...
  7. Bighead

    Be careful what you eat.

    I've become quite a health nut, and since I've returned here to EmuTalk for awhile, i figured I would share this disgusting information to those who may find it a concern. Carbon Monoxide in Meat?!?! Making our Fruits and Veges even more Yummy Antibiotics - Blessing or Scurge? For a while...
  8. Bighead

    Multiple Game Configuration List v3.2

    Hello everyone. To everyone who doesn't know what this is, it is a configuration list for N64 games. The idea behind it is to help emulation newbies get their games working with little hassle and research. It's been a couple of months since my last release, and on occasion I updated my online...
  9. Bighead

    N64 Game Configuration List v3.1 Update

    Can a mod delete my old thread if this one is a problem? I just wanted to start fresh. :happy: old thread ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A brief explanation to everyone who doesn't know what this is: This is a configuration list for N64...
  10. Bighead

    Costume party?

    Click this hilarious image. I don't know if this is a costume party or what, but when I found this I laughed for a long time. It's nice to see this couple appreciates Nintendo.
  11. Bighead

    New to the emu, having some trouble.

    Well not technically new, just this version. When I get games to play they run great, but I am suffering some issues. I need someone to verify that these issues are with the emulator, or on my user end. 1.) I noticed while using Glide64 at times after making changes to plugin, the emulator...
  12. Bighead

    N64 Game Configuration List v3.0 is Here

    Almost a year and a half ago, I started this project. A little over a year ago, I went public for the first time on this message board. Below is my original thread in case you are clueless as to what my list is so far: My very first thread at EmuTalk Many know my name, some will see it for the...
  13. Bighead

    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon RiceVideo 5.9.9*RiceVideo 6.0.0+

    After testing this game thoroughly, I'm still left a little confused. Rice's earlier versions up to 5.9.9 run this game at a great speed, but each one containing their own unique errors. Most were fixed through his later versions, 5.9.9 being the best. After testing every plugin after that, I...
  14. Bighead

    Multiple Game Config List - Back to Life - My site still lives, check here for the online list. Online Version of MGCL - Just click this to skip right to it. Of course some of you will remember me, some of you will meet me for the first time here. I have taken a long leave from video games and emulation...
  15. Bighead

    N64 Emulation - Advancement or Death?

    I have been bored lately. Long ago I made that list that won me the emuxhaven site and got games working. Now, I have been debating on whether or not I should take time to update this thing. It's been awhile, and I see not much has changed. I never really finished, nor have I really done...
  16. Bighead

    Joystick in Rascalboy??

    Does anyone know how to get controllers working in Rascalboy? I am having serious problems with this crap, and I press a button on my controller when trying to set it up, but nothing happens. Anyone know how to enable it?
  17. Bighead

    Console Icons, Great for Emulator Shortcuts

    This is a small collection of icons I found on the net long ago, but the link is forever gone now. The original Icons were gone, so I cropped the 32x32 icons out of the example pic and edited them to look almost like an exact duplicate of their original counterparts, creating the 16x16 versions...
  18. Bighead

    My Emulator Menu

    I have developed a pretty fancy menu for my emulators. I just wanted to show the world what I made :bouncy: although its nothing too special. So what does everyone think of it? You can tell I'm an emu fanatic. Also, don't forget to check out my N64 Compatibility List. Though still questionable...
  19. Bighead

    Multiple Game Configuration List - Radeon and GeForce Users

    I figured I would explain what this is, because I have failed to do so before hand. What I have composed here is a configuration list, with multiple emulators and plugins, and settings and fixes to get certain games working with as little hassle as possible. I started a few months back, with a...