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    SDL graphics help???

    I'm new to graphics programming so I thought I would try implementing some graphics for my phoenix arcade emulator before moving on anymore on my GameBoy emulator, did my chip8 emulator in SDL and decided to use it again, all other code on my phoenix emulator works fine, its just implementing...
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    Z80 emulator help needed??

    I'm currently programming a z80 emulator to be used in a gameboy emulator, but have become a little unsure how to implement one of the opcodes 0x3a. In the gameboy manual it says: LDD A,(HL) Description: Put value at address HL into A. Decrement HL. And so I implemented it like this: reg_A =...
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    Graphics Programming Help/Suggestions

    Hi all, I writting to get some help on something thats been holding me back from serious emulator programimg for a long time now, I've written a working chip8 emu and a couple of old aracde machine emulator and are in my weeks of completing my computer science degree so I have the...
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    SDL Programming

    I'm new to SDL programming, the only programs I have made before are console based apllications that only use the standard c/c++ libarays, I'm adding the finishing touches to my chip8 emu that I completed everthing but the display and input of ( simply because I didn't know how ). Anyway I have...