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    Chankast - DreamCast - Crazy Taxi 2 Screens + Video

    hi folks, This time I've made some screenshots of the great Racing-Game "Crazy Taxi 2" for SEGA DreamCast. The resolution is like the last time 1280x1024 and without graphical glitches .....but...the Framerate isn't so constant's between 25 and 120Fps. System Specification: AMD Athlon...
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    Chankast - DreamCast - Sonic Adventure 2 Screens + Video

    hi folks, I've made some Screenshots of "Sonic Adventure 2". It's a hot Game for the SEGA DreamCast (You already know^^). The Resolution is 1280x1024 ... Framerate between 50-100Fps.... some Graphical Glitches....but playable. And here's the Video: EdgarTheFace