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  1. ScOr_311

    Dolphin in fullscreen

    You can use this tool for play with fullscreen in dolphin. Enjoy :P
  2. ScOr_311


    I just want to know if somebody have test the GC bios on Dolphin???
  3. ScOr_311

    VGA Box

    Re all! :party: I want to buy a VGA Box for play with my GC in my PC, did you know the best VGA Box? 1024 768 is the best resolusion can i have with it? The games don' t lag with this resolusion. Dolphin is a good emul but The VGA Box can make a good solution for play at GC with a PC. Thanks.
  4. ScOr_311


    I make this Thread only for Shots, If you want post some shots, post here.