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  1. cloudscapes

    Cloudscapes' Super Mario 64 texture pack thread..

    SM64 texture pack - LATEST v.006 Version .006 - November 11, 2005 -Second and third floor of castle: Done. -WET-DRY WORLD: Done. -SNOWMAN'S LAND: Done. -TALL, TALL MOUNTAIN: Done (minus the slide). -TINY-HUGE ISLAND: Done. -RAINBOW RIDE: Done. These are not a segmented archive. Every time...
  2. cloudscapes

    Anyone with similar sys specs, or anyone

    Hi all, I've tried several emus as well as plugin combinations and settings. Even toggeling the settings that made no sense to me. Everything works good except the sound. It stutters and lags, I'm sure other have had this sound problem. The only time when a N64 game worked was Mario64 on an old...