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  1. MuhMuh

    Majora's Mask Moon Jump

    Hi! I really need a Moonjump-Code that works with the European version of Majora's Mask.... I just can't find one with google...:(
  2. MuhMuh

    MuhMuh's Hi-Res Majoras Mask

    MuhMuh's oficially dead Hi-Res Majoras Mask - Download on Page 1 Hi there! I decided to stop this project. I dont have time for this and I don't get that much help. Also, there seems to be another Majora's Mask retexturing project with realistic textures by Djipi, so it's not worth to keep on...
  3. MuhMuh

    Rice and Majora's Mask

    I have the following Problem when i use Rice. How can I fix this? :huh: