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  1. squall_leonhart

    Emulator crashes when loading (large) texture pack Solution

    Extremely large texture packs push the Process to the very limits of memory allocation, This can be worked around by enabling Large Address Aware, which allows a 32bit process to utilise memory addresses past 2GB on 64bit operating systems, and appropriately configured 32bit operating...
  2. squall_leonhart

    Forum is not sending out notification emails for new pm's

    @Topic the forum is not sending me an email when i recieve a new pm
  3. squall_leonhart

    SEO and broken!

    Where are you martin! SEO is currently broken (i clicked your name to send you a pm and ended up on winter_mutes profile) and (also from search engine links) is not loading the main index ok... i jumped the gun on the emutalk stuff being bust (just needed a...
  4. squall_leonhart

    The Post message / Go advanced buttons on a user profile

    Are unreadable thanks to the dark grey text on black button design.
  5. squall_leonhart

    Some Last Poster Profile link urls are invalid

    When clicking the user name of the last poster in an forum or thread that has not been updated in a long time, a 0 is in the url instead of the user id number when you hover over view profile for example navigate to click p_025's name in the Last Post...
  6. squall_leonhart

    Attention: Sandy Bridge owners, please contact your Mainboard manufacturer

    Intel have discovered a manufacturing defect in the Cougar Point ICH that causes progressive deterioration of the SATA 3Gb hub over a period of time in mainboards based on the P67/H67 chipsets. The result is increasing CRC rechecks and decreasing performance. Please contact your mainboard...
  7. squall_leonhart

    Controller specific issues for Logitech and Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers

    Logitech Gamepads can't be assigned in emulator. If you own a Logitech Dual action, rumblepad pro, or later gamepad, update the Logitech gaming software to 5.02, and then use msconfig, or even better, startup.cpl to disable the Logitech Profile from starting. You can stop the profiler by end...
  8. squall_leonhart

    Developers wanted for PCSX Revival!

    Ok, im looking to organise a revival of PCSX, Code will be stored on a googlecode svn, and im looking for any interested developers, since im more a project manager and code tinkerer, than active developer. Project Page is at Anyone interested Reply here...
  9. squall_leonhart

    VBA-M[SVN build 750, MFC] Info & Download

    General Info: VBA-M is a [Super] Game Boy [Color / Advance] emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it. Notable changes since build 727: REMOVED predefined fullscreen modes from...
  10. squall_leonhart

    VBA-Cloud is a fake

    some noob Laterza has taken Forgottens (And now started on ours) Vba compiles and is editing the resource data (Menu's, Dialogue boxes and language) He says he is fixing bugs but he is fixing nothing as he doesn't have the available source code required. We at the VBA-M board are combatting...
  11. squall_leonhart

    Project64 Unofficial RBD Update 1.6.019

    This is just an update to fix a couple known issues with some games, and add a couple of games that hadn't yet been Added. 1.6.018 Changes are Changed Dark Rift LCB and CF Fixed invalid Goodrom naming (all v's to V's) Added Version numbers to several roms missing them. Added Banjo Kazooie (U)...
  12. squall_leonhart

    Dual Action Pro - Owners post your issues.

    After all this time, i'm looking to solve the issues with this control. as it seems, many of the users have the logitech profiler enabled, which itself, causes issues with Dinput applications, that aren't launched from it.
  13. squall_leonhart

    Jnes 1.0 released

    Changes since 0.6 bugfix: command line arguments, added switches -relaunchmce -exitonclose bugfix: fixed multiple rom browser sorting issues bugfix: fixed input POV-hat diagonals bugfix: fixed palette dialog bugfix: PAL raw audio timing bugfix: vsync no longer lags upgraded to a static zlib...
  14. squall_leonhart

    Anyone reading the latest blog posts on PJ64 site

    DO NOT install the build posted by the user posing as Zilmar, until i or he himself has confirmed it is official, i have installed it myself and am in the process of checking it out, but i don't really know so far.... edit Confirmed as a Fake, the user mispelled Zilmar as Zilmer LOL noob. i...
  15. squall_leonhart

    Fix The Spoiler Tag!!!!!

    on anything but the Emutalk skin.
  16. squall_leonhart

    Can anyone who has a Wireless 360 control and the PC Dongle

    get in contact with myself via pming me, with thier hotmail or yahoo account , this is in regards to the XBCD driver project and updating the driver to support Wireless controls.
  17. squall_leonhart

    Read This before asking for help.

    First off, we need to know as much about your computer environment as possible. to do this you can do 1 of the following. Download Everest Home and copy paste the summary page Run DirectX Diagnostics and attach the log file (StartMenu > Run(or CTRL+R) > Type "Dxdiag" and press enter, click...
  18. squall_leonhart

    Some PJ64 1.7 Pics to whet your appetite

    Here are some Pics from the latest Jabo D3D8 plugin Firstly, Pokemon Snap - WITH WORKING FRAME BUFFER EFFECTS thats right people, you no longer have to enable copy frame buffer to rdram, which means it no longer copies unecessary framebuffer content causing the massive slowdown it used to...
  19. squall_leonhart

    Sound Card Poll

    Sound Card or Sound Chip? do you have a sound card or a sound chip? im running an Sb Live 5.1 DE-SE (this means i have an spu capable of hardware mixing.) i want to get a consensus to see what cards people have... me and emulord are trying to beg Jabo to make his plugin support both hardware...
  20. squall_leonhart

    Calling all Nvidia and ATI users

    Calling all Nvidia and ATI users (NV15+ R200+) This is for People with Geforce 3 and higher or Radeon 8200 or higher cards that have full Dx8 pixel and vertex shader support. Can you post screenshots of Pokemon Stadium 2 during a free battle you must be using Jabo's D3D8 1.6 you can have D3D...