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  1. sniper_112

    scores on classic arcade games

    this is a pretty random question but just throw out and average score for both Asteroids and Galaga.
  2. sniper_112

    infinium labs phantom

    i was just looking at a list of past game systems and this one came up as unreleased. the infinium labs phantom, in 2003 this company started making the phantom which is just a computer that can only play games from what i can tell. i know all systems are that but i mean its hardware is...
  3. sniper_112

    Using a gameshark save file

    I downloaded a minish cap save file because the one i backed up doesnt work for some reason. The save said it was a game shark save. how would i use that with VBA?
  4. sniper_112

    Mario Kart 64 Revived

    The old mario kart 64 competition thing may only be a couple below this topic but its an extremely old thread so Im making a new one for Burnpro, me and anyone else who wants to join in. No shortcuts allowed and once times get to be real tough we should post our ghost files (once im reminded...
  5. sniper_112

    what game is this

    A friend of mine is trying to describe an older game he played but he cant remember the name of it, see if you can make a guess. He said you play as a blue and pink character who turns things into "eggs" and pushes them towards boxes and when you step on a chest they all blow up. He said the...
  6. sniper_112

    NES on PSP

    I am familiar with several nes ports to gba, playstation, and atari to ps also. Until today I didnt know of a nintendo emulator for the PSP. Does one exist or was i told wrong?
  7. sniper_112

    Help with a little pokemon quiz

    Hey everyone me and a couple of my friends are taking a pokemon quiz online to see who can do the best, the only problem is i dont play the game but i really want to destroy them on it. if you know any answers throw it to me would ya? thanks! What's the name of your female rival in Pokemon...
  8. sniper_112

    EZFA alternative to EFFA client?

    My EZFA client stopped working and freezes my pc every time i open it now. It worked less than a week ago. ive reinstalled and shutdown my pc. I think something on my pc is interfering with it or something. Are there alternatives to the EZFA client for the EZFA card drivers?
  9. sniper_112

    How's UltraHLE 2064 coming along

    When I quit hanging around the emu scene this was a pretty new emulator and had a heck of a team working on it. I was just wondering how well its doing now, is it up to par with 1964 and pj64? or maybe beyond? Just interested. Thanks.
  10. sniper_112

    ps2 version differences

    Anyone happen to have a list of differences there are between the different releases of the ps2? Not a big deal just wondering if its worth it to update from my version 4 since im getting a hardrive hooked up to it and im going to start using it on the internet with the adapter now. ** off...
  11. sniper_112

    emulators for others systems on gba

    I was just getting some emulators for other systems to be played on a gba. Here's a list of the ones I've found: pocketnes for NES goomba for GB/GBC dr sms for sega master system pce advance for turbo grafx and pocketsnes for SNES are there any others? Thank you.
  12. sniper_112

    top multiplayer for NES ever?

    I want EVERYONES opinions on the best multiplayer games for the N.E.S. List a couple if you think they are worthy. I haven't played many but Little league baseball and ice hockey were a couple of my favorites.
  13. sniper_112

    mario kart super circuit

    best times with screenie for bowser's castle record is something crazy like 39 seconds for 3 laps and 11 for 1...well i've been playing for a couple hours and this is what i've got so far ........dunno if the image will work but i got 49:71-3 laps and 14:91-1 lap
  14. sniper_112

    europe/us power converter safe for gbasp?

    going to europe and just got a royal traveller international converter adapter set by samsonite. wondering if its safe to use with gbasp recharger in europe with their voltage being so much higher. the info sheet with the converter said its a voltage converter but only to use it with heating...
  15. sniper_112

    gba rom release numbers

    some rom files have numbers in their titles like 1125 or something like that. im assuming this is the rom's release number. does anyone know of a site that tells the release numbers for each rom file realeased or most of them? **note: this is not a rom request
  16. sniper_112

    top gba games

    I recently got a new gba sp and only got a few games with it and most are old,(gbc-zelda seasons, mario golf, mario tennis---gba-mario kart, and sma4smb3) what are some good games for the system? A couple I though about were castlevania 3 and fire emblem......are these games worth getting and...
  17. sniper_112

    where are the games?

    not a rom request just havent been around emutalk recently and cant find simon/snake/tetris etc...
  18. sniper_112

    anyone know what tv show this is from?

    i dont know what its from but if ur shure u know then please reply: they call them fingers but i've never seen them fing before, oh there they go. thanks
  19. sniper_112

    site to explain c++

    im bored and dont do anything with my time but sit on this freakin cpu. i read posts all day long and have followed the emu scene for the last 5+ years. i decided to start doing something with my time so what i need is a site or something that is a good teacher of c++ for someone who doesnt...
  20. sniper_112


    how do these systems compare, is there a better one? z64, v64, and cd64 backup units. also what is a fair price for a z64 w/256k?