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  1. ShadowFX

    Zelda Master Quest

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to find a cheat to bring down your played games to zero (it's when you load your game you'll see 000)? If this isn't possible I can live with it. I guess I accidently died and saved sometime ago while already having finished the game.
  2. ShadowFX

    Innovation Smart Joy Adapter

    Okay, this is the first time I actually tried a N64/PSX to PC adapter. This is one is pretty old and it is still using the gameport. Amazingly, the analog stick is working fine and the buttons are responding ok. The problem is the fact that Windows won't let me use more than 4 buttons! I need at...
  3. ShadowFX

    Small Thingy

    Since PJ64 SP1 came out, I updated my 'old' 1.5 and things are runny smooth indeed. But the following issue has added itself just recently: Everytime I want to close PJ64, it always giving me this crash message "Project64.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are.... blabla"...
  4. ShadowFX

    Viewing Emu64.Com with Opera 7.01

    Hi, I always wanted to mention this so I will try now. I used to use Internet Explorer to view Emu64.Com and EmuTalk, but now I'm almost a regular user of Opera (latest release, 7.01). I was hoping someone could explain why some effects won't show up in this browser (because it was made for...
  5. ShadowFX

    eVoodoo XP % UltraHLE v1.1.0

    I recently downloaded the new UltraHLE and I know I must use a Glide Wrapper because I don't own a Voodoo card. I tried using eVoodoo but UltraHLE always wants 'glide2x' instead of 'glide3x', so it's unable to start. But I'm sure eVoodoo XP works with it. What should I do now? EMu-LoRd
  6. ShadowFX

    Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (U) (V1.x) [!]

    This is not really a bug or anything, and I know this game is playable with both 1964 and PJ64. But if you look up its ROM info, you'll notice that the Manufacturer is Unknown. Most ROMs have 'Nintendo' as their Manufacturer. I wonder what's going on. ???
  7. ShadowFX

    1964 v0.8.4 / v0.8.5?

    Hi there, I've been away for some time since the new release of PJ64 v1.5. I haven't been able to try the newest 1964 yet but I see two versions now, so which one should I take?
  8. ShadowFX

    DirectDraw6 Error

    This new release of Project64 has really blown me away! I haven't been here for a couple of months but I sure want to post this new problem I'm having. See for system specs in my signature. This problem is occuring randomly and most of the time in Banjo-Tooie since I'm already playing the game...