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    Any interest in doing hi-res textures for Wii/GC games?

    I know this isn't exactly the right place, but there are a lot of talented texture artists here. Anyway, Dolphin now has a load hi-res texture option and someone just started on a very basic RE4 hack. Imagine what you guys can do on Twilight Princess...
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    Why not a normal mapping plugin?

    Or maybe I should say is it possible to implement normal mapping into the plugin. I know people have attempted to get the models to look smoother with Tru-form, but why not normal map instead? We have a cel-shading shader now, and it would be amazing if a normal map plugin could be developed...
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    A small request. Not really texture related, but does involve this section.

    Hey, if any mods out there see this, I think you guys should sticky the bloom lighting mod and the HighResEraser threads on this forum. They provide really cool hacks and tools that could become even more popular when people know about them and make more use out of these things. Who else...
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    Does No$GBA support microphone?

    I never found out whether the emulator supports microphone or not. I'm interested in testing a few things out, but since I don't have save of anything that requires the mic (yet), I want to know ahead of time so I don't waste my time playing the game only to find out the mic isn't even supported.
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    Looks like someone's High Res texture made the news at Gonintendo! Check it out. The 8 bit Mario hack was made into a video and someone caught it and posted the news at Gonintendo. Looks like retexturing's beginning to gain some fame!
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    Are mouse aim plugins still being worked on?

    I'm curious. does anyone know if there are any new better mouse plugins for N64 emus? I know there are some old ones, but they have strange issues. Considering all the great FPS on N64, I'm surprise there aren't more mouse plugins for the emus.
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    Argh, I really suck at this!

    Ok, I've been running a few tests on making my own hi-res pack and I'm encountering the weirdest problems. Am I the only one here that sucks this much? Anyway, I've been messing around with Harvest Moon 64 and I've finally had some success. The problem is, the Harvest Moon 64 rom doesn't run...
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    A question about killing people and texture dumping.

    Remember how originally Perfect Dark was going to have this feature where you can take people's picture with the GB camera and then put it in PD? I was wondering, with the miracle that is texture replacement, can this feature come back to life, so to speak? Like I just dump the texture, look for...
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    Overclocking the... emulator?

    You know, I always wanted a feature like this on emulators, but I'm not sure if it's possible. I've read someone on the N-sider forum who overclocked his N64 and it made Perfect Dark run smoothly. Would it be possible to add a similar feature on the emulators themselves? I'm not talking about...
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    I'm interested in learning to make my own Hi-Res textures.

    I want to try my hand at this retexturing thing, but to be quite honest, I don't know where to start. If I'm not mistaken, Harvest Moon 64 really shouldn't be that big of a game. The world of HM64 is 1/100th the size of Zelda. And I just love Harvest Moon. First of all, I suck at photoshop. No...
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    I have $70 and I want to buy a Graphic Card.

    Basically, I'm only interested in getting the best results for my N64 Emu and right now I have a extra bit of cash to spend. Can someone tell me the names of the cards that works best again? I'm not interested in high end PC gaming, just a card to make N64 emu better. And of course something...
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    Help, I've run into a VERY BIG problem...

    I don't really know where to turn for help, but this problem DOES AFFECT 1964. For some reason, virtually all my emulators have stopped working, including 1964. I've tried Visualboy, doesn't work. Gens, it doesn't work. 1964 freezes after the first screen appears. Well it doesn't really freeze...
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    Movies moving faster than the sounds?

    I'm playing Turok 3 right now and I'm having a rather strange problem with the movies. The voice acting and sound doesn't match the action on screen. It seems like the movies themselves are moving faster than the voices. But I don't really notice any increase in fast. It doesn't look like...
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    Hi-Res textures, the future of Revolution's N64 emu?

    I know it's too early to tell, but I'm just asking this for the sake of amusement: Do you think there's a chance your projects can be ported to the Revolution? I'm sure the Rev uses it's own emulator, I don't see why the talented hackers here can't make it work.
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    A good controller pulgin for N64 FPS?

    Hmm... I posted it in the wrong section of the forums so I might as well move it here instead. Instead of using a mouse for FPS, I was wondering if there's a plugin for the keyboard that disables the analog stick's auto re-centering. I don't mind playing FPS on keyboard as long as I don't have...
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    Plugin explaination for dummies?

    I've been using tons of N64 plugins, but I've noticed a problem with all of them. There's no documentation on what some of the features do. Is there any kind of info out there for plugins like RiceVideo, or Jarbo, or whatever? I have no idea what is frame buffering (this is just an example)...
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    A way to stop the analog stick from re-centering itself?

    Instead of using a mouse for FPS, I was wondering if there's a plugin for the keyboard that disables the analog stick's auto re-centering. I don't mind playing FPS on keyboard as long as I don't have to keep tapping the control pad to steady my aim cause everytime I let go, it starts to...
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    A few curious questions regarding the Hi-res projects.

    I have a few questions that's been bugging me and I was wondering if the folks here can answer them for me. And no, it has nothing to do with how to get _____ pack to work. 1. I looked at all the Cel-Shading projects and they all seem to have one thing in common; none of them Cel-shaded both...
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    Problems with both Zelda games.

    First, I'm running the games with a 64MB Nvidia GEForce 2 MX graphic card. I'm having a similar problem with both Zelda OOt and MM. When I start the game, I can only see 2 of the 3 hearts in my heart container. It's only when I lose the entire heart then I can see the third heart. At first, I...
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    What kind of wav files are they!?

    I was using Jabo's sound plugin thing to rip music from N64 games. I was successful... but I can't convert them into MP3s no matter what program I used. Does anyone know what's wrong? The rips are clearly wave files, but I can't convert any of them into MP3s.