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  1. madprofessor

    chankast wrapper bug

    nice work! excellent wrapper but i can't get my sidewinder to work. when i run chankast it is configured. no luck with the wrapper. it does not pick up the gamepad bindings
  2. madprofessor

    what exactly is mmu?

    plz explain in technical aspect and the effect on games & compatibility. plzzZZzzZ :smurf:
  3. madprofessor

    daytona usa 2001

    anyone booted that one? i get a crash after the sega logo
  4. madprofessor

    daemon tools bug

    can someone note why exactly some games don't run with 3.46 and do run with 3.29? is there something that one can do to avoid the io error and stick with 3.46? thanks and sorry if this is already stated somewhere :P
  5. madprofessor

    snapshot hotkey

    maybe snapshot hotkey can be added to next release. i think its easy to be done but hey the dudes are really doing the dirty emulation work and we ask for stupid things :icecream: this way we will post more screenshots and eat all the bandwidth of the forums faster :paperbag: :evil: G R...
  6. madprofessor

    Resident Evil Code Veronica & chankast

    ok now i'm stunned with the emulation quality the crystal clear sound the.... some beta testing report: i tested code veronica and its perfect. i have random crashes every now and then but everything is emulated (sound, full fmv's, everything) and the speed is damn smooth! i formated the memory...
  7. madprofessor

    best ePSXe 1.6 settings for Crono Cross

    Ok here goes: My system is P4 2.54Ghz, Gforec4 Ti4200 (128MB), 512MB sys memory, Windows XP (sp1). GPU plugin: that would offcourse be Pete 1.75 D3D. the opengl verions 1.75, 2 kinda have some glitches for my system. in win9x/me they run faster i think. After tons of tests i came up with...