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    Jnes 1.0

    Very nice job with the new features and the movie capture works flawlessly When i used an unoffical version of Fceultra that had a movie capture when I tried to use it it would crash on me no matter what codec I used. So good job Jabo with this feature.
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    Site with Nes PAR Codes

    Heres 2 sites to check before making any code requests.
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    Feature Request

    Well this is for future versions of Jnes. 1. I would like to have the par cheat device to be added along with the GG. 2. I would like to have the Movie record feature like the one Znes has. Thanks.
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    How to make a Usb Nes controller.

    I found this neat site that shows you how to make a nes controller into usb. - How to make it - Where to buy the kit. If you like me and not good with reading wire diagrams and connecting up...
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    To All Logitech Dual action controller Owners

    I know how to fix the diganonal (sp) problems that the controller has while playing rom files in jnes. 1. Download the latest drivers/profile from logitech site 2. go into control panel and game controllers and properties of logitech dual action and go into settings and check switch dpad with...