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    Super Fast No$gba?

    I downloaded this today and it was kinda slow, and the sound was lagging. Does anybody know whrere I can download a big thick hard throbbing plug-in for this device? please help me pump out any ideas. I'm not sure where to look, or if the speed can even be improved, but if something like this...
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    Not too many posts in this forum

    I think that project 64 is more popular. Sorry lol
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    Why is this so slow?

    I don't understand why this emulator is so slow. I have an upgraded Windows 95 computer, and I'm getting 0.00fps. sometimes 0.01, but I cant play it and I dont want to buy any games, I want free. I'm just frustrated because I don't understand why the crap it is so slow. I think we need some more...