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    Oot community pack HTC

    Has someone made a release of this that is compatible with GlideN64? If yes, why is it not linked to in the original post? It's cool to see the project hasn't died, but it'd be nice to see a release for more plugins.
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    Most accurate audio plugin for Conker's Bad Fur Day? (Project 64)

    The default plugin works but in some places there are missing audio channels/instruments in the music for instance. Example: The Mighty Poo song. What is the best audio plugin for this game?
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    PCSX Reloaded: No video output?

    Hi, I've tested with Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 with the default plugins provided by the current version of the emulator as of this posting (downloaded from it's homepage). I get no visual output from the emulator though I can hear the games working. Occasionally it does render 1 frame but not...
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    Banjo Kazooie (US) Jigsaw effect not working.

    Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6 Copy frame buffer to RDRAM = Ticked/enabled/on/activated etc. as directed by the Game FAQ. The effect during the intro before choosing a save game only has black jigsaw pieces while during the game it keeps showing the top of Mumbo Mountain during the jigsaw cut scenes...
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    Windows Front-Ends 1.99.3: How many are there? Where to download latest versions?

    Yes I use Windows and was wondering how many front ends have been made for v1.99.3 and where to find the latest versions? I know of 2 but not of where to get the latest version of 1 of them if it has been updated. @ruantec and Cute Mupen are the only ones I know of with the latter of the 2...
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    What is the best emulator for netplay?

    Hi, can you guys help me with setting up a decent netplay environment? We've tried 1964 v0.9.9 with the Kailerra P2P client and it starts out great but it eventually goes out of sync. (the P2P version of Kailerra we have has been tested and works perfectly with Sega emulators) Also, what are...
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    overall speed issues

    help needed with speed issues im using all the default plugins except for the controller which im using nrage's plugin and i've run all roms through goodn64 and all roms are verified dumps upon ticking show cpu usage % i see that approx. 60% - 70% of cpu power is wasted on idle. this is the...