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    consistent resize issue with 1x internal resolution

    Hi, I have always had that problem with dx11 plugin and now with that new dx10 as well n 0.58 I don't have that problem with dxLegacy plugin in 0.57 but it's likely because you cannot set internal resolution with it GFX card : HD7870 XT OS : Windows 7 x64
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    how to convert pj64 1.7 cheat format to pj64 1.6 standart?

    I found some cheats for a game I'd like to play, but they are in a weird format which isn't supported by pj64 1.6 , apparently they changed the format for 1.7 and encrypted the cheat which were standard before. That's some really nasty thing to do :-/ here are the cheat (hmm attachments seem to...
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    ALERT!!!! trojans in chankast

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 with latest database detects trojans in allmost ALL components of the chankast emulator, including the vmu browser they're all variants of a same trojan known as Trojan.Win32.Vapsup the fact almost all components of chankast have a different variant of the same...
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    Ogre Battle 64 optimal settings? PJ64/RiceVideo

    Ogre Battle 64 is the best game ever made. Please help me to get the best setting. There is alway bad tiles/textures however hard I tried... :( Please give me your best settings.
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    n64 tech help requested

    hello, basically I need to know how to calculate crc1 and crc2. What address ranges and how each boot code affects this calculation I need it to finish a n64 header tool regards
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    Annoying sound bug in RE code veronica

    the sound FX screw and mute at some places (for instance when exiting the little house dormitory early in the game). it is really annoying because without sound s fx, voices... the game is pretty much worthless. :( the only way I found to restore sounds, voices... is by saving and restarting the...
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    Switching framerate 50 -> 60

    hello, As you may know Project64 can't play PAL games at 60fps and this really piss off a lot of us someone know a way to hack the PAL roms so that they run at 60fps? i've already tried to hack the region code but this alone doesn't work (game doesn't boot) I'm pretty sure there's a way to do...
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    project64 cheat engine?

    is there a tool to find one's own cheat on pj64?
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    Zelda OOT problem with last nvidia driver

    pj64 1.5final + sp1 since I installed the last nvidia driver, oot has wrong shadows (see pic) of course I tried all settings but none fixed this :( it used to work fine with my older driver
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    [Skies of Arcadia] bug report thread

    I noticed sprite priority issues in battle After disabling vm music i couldn't exit the status screen... i'll try to reproduce this ** edit ** actually chankast freezes whenever I exit the status menu whether I change options or not :bye3: ps: chankast rocks :)
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    cheats for marvel vs capcom 2

    i tried the cheats from gsccc but chankast utility seems to use differnt kind of cheat could someone post cheat for mvc2 in the format used by chankast utility? thx :)
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    nvidia users read this

    for a long time i couldn't run chankast. it would just keep crashing after exiting bios. i finally reinstalled the last nvidia driver (which I removed monthes ago because it was full of bugs and horrible looking) after i reinstalled i could finally launch chankast with all game working fine hope...
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    chanka crash

    athlon-xp / geforce4mx440 / asus driver / windows xp / directx9 hi i've tried many selfbootable backups of capcom games reported as working (sf3,mvc2,code veronica) but whenever I launch chanka it crashes after exiting the bios (no chanka error box) :cry: i'v tried all 3 versions the nex_gfx...