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  1. blight

    rice's 5.4.0 port?

    Hey Villela you BASTARD... port it or you SUCK! --life sucks edit: hah maybe i get banned from ET for this
  2. blight

    Hacktarux/Azimer HLE RSP plugin source code

    Hello! Azimer just gave permission to release his source code :) Again, thanks Azi :P There you go :drool:
  3. blight

    Hacktarux HLE RSP plugin with latest code from Azimer

    Hi! One day Azimer sent me his source (thanks, Azimer!) for Audio HLE and I have replaced the code from Hacktarux with Azimer's. As my PC is slow i cannot really test the sound quality - but everything seems to be ok and we hope this will give you better sound quality. If anyone is interested I...
  4. blight

    Brainfuck programming language

    Hi! Checkout this programming language which consists only of 8 operators, the compiler is 171 bytes (runs on linux, dunno about windows) and my first hello-world program is 967 bytes ;P Here's the hello-world which I just wrote: >+++++++...
  5. blight

    some real n64 mario64 mario's head screenshots

    if you work on a plugin or have never seen this game which i doubt - there you go :P
  6. blight

    glN64-0.4.1-rc3 source

    Hi! This time source-code only because I have only made compile time fixes (should work with gcc-3.3 and ATi drivers now) and other little changes. Download: - 151K
  7. blight

    TR64GL version 0.8.7-pre1 binary

    Hi! I have ported TR64GL 0.8.7 (well... version number is set to 0.8.7 but icepir8 told me it is 0.8.6 with bugfixes) Download: - 354 K If you have any problem, tell me with which and also tell me if you know if it...
  8. blight

    glN64-rc2 source/binary

    glN64-0.4.1-rc2 source/binary Hi! Some bugs fixed (hopefully all this time :P) Binary: - 218K Source: - 151K may the source be with you...
  9. blight

    blight's SDL input plugin v0.0.8-b

    Hi! I thought I fixed this bug before I released 0.0.8 but obviously it was after I had done so. 0.0.8 doesn't restore the analog axis value after a key assigned to an axis was pressed - i.e. you could never stop mario from running once you pressed a key This version fixes this problem Binary...
  10. blight

    glN64-0.4.1-rc1 (likely final) source & binary

    Hi! Finally I have fixed all the asm bugs and other bugs. Binary: - 220K Source: - 152K Have fun, --blight
  11. blight

    mupen64/glN64-0.4.1 movie

    Hi! I am working on a feature to record compressed avi movies from mupen64 in linux - here's an example :P (9.7M) Edit: another one - (7.6M) --blight
  12. blight

    glN64-0.4.1 prerelease

    Hi! I have ported glN64 too... I hope it works well so here is a pre-release binary: 308K Let me know of any probs :P Edit: If you have an ATi card and it works, please let me know because i have "only" a nvidia card ;)
  13. blight

    blight's SDL input plugin 0.0.8

    Hi! I just installed 2.6.0-test4 and my gamepad... The problem which disabled analog axis was enabling keyboard at the same time with the joystick so that the keyboard state was the preferred one and the axis state was overwritten... this is also true now, but only if a key is pressed, else the...
  14. blight

    any requests for mupens gui?

    Hi! I am planning to do some work on the gui again after some time. Does anybody have any requests? Like the possibility to turn off cols in the rom browser and such things :w00t: :bounce:
  15. blight

    N64 Controller commands

    Hi! I'm trying to connect my N64 controller to my PC over serial port using an 4 MHz AVR microcontroller (i wanna write some code-framework for my plugin for rumble pak support) I need to know which commands does a N64 controller understand and how does it respond? Also i would like to get it...
  16. blight

    blight's input plugin v0.0.7 (mouse support!)

    blight's input plugin v0.0.7-b (config dialog fixed, mouse support!) Hi! Today i added mouse support to my input plugin... i hope it works as expected by people. If you have any ideas how to make the movement more smooth lemme know (look at the source to find out how it's done at the moment if...
  17. blight

    blight's input plugin v0.0.6

    Hi! 0.0.6: - keyboard and gamepad can be used at the same time (the keyboard will work always, even if you choose another device. if you want to use only the keyboard select keyboard as device note: since i don't have my gamepad connected atm i didn't test the plugin (i only changed one line...
  18. blight

    My Plugins

    Hi! Here are my plugins: When there's a new release of mupen64 i might be motivated enough and make some plugins using allegro ( instead of SDL ( --blight
  19. blight

    OGL Plugin's source for a port...

    Hi! I already asked icepir8 for the source of his OGL plugin because I would like to port it to linux, but he didn't reply... I wondered if you could send me yours. thanks, blight