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    Peak at Little Big Planet beta (Xpoop 369 bashing user levels).

    These days I've been spending time with the Little Big Planet beta. Gotta love some of these user-created levels. I can't help but laugh at the RROD X360 joke levels.:P
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    What's everyone doing for Christmas?

    I'm just curious to know what all of you have planned this year. As for me, well, I've got a bit of a wild holiday planned. As some know (but most don't), I'll be heading to Plymouth, UK on Christmas Eve on an overnight flight and landing in London at roughly 10 AM Christmas morning. I have been...
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    DFI LANparty for Conroe?

    I saw this article that talked of plans of a LANParty for Conroe owners, and came to find out later it was cancelled.:( Wondering if anyone has heard of a possible new one coming. I know they have Infinity boards, etc.., but I really want a LANParty. I've seen them all over the place and have...
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    Sneak peak at PCSX2 development in IRC

    Here's a nice tidbit form our team channel. Shows the thought process involved in such a complex project.:P
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    Tony Hawk PS 2

    Not sure if these gfx errors are typical or if it's just my machine. I love Chankast and I'm very impressed with how well it performs with commercial games. And even with these gfx glitches, the game seems to run at almost full speed all the time, except the rare occasion that it slows down just...
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    Mario Party 5 Works.....Kinda

    Well, Mario Party 5 Gets up to just past the Dolby Pro Logic Screen and doesn't go further. Not sure if anyone else has had better luck?