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  1. DJLO

    Is there any way to speed up/slow down PJ64?

    Unlike Mupen, PJ64 does lag like a retard. unfortunately, i can't TAS with it since i don't know how to slow it down, is there a way too?
  2. DJLO

    Mupen Lagging only when Sound is made?

    Hey guys. Mupen has been working fine for me, except if theres a lot of sound going on. For instance, in smash 64, everything runs smoothly until 4 or more characters are making sounds at once. how can i fix this?
  3. DJLO

    Automatically Pausing/Freezing?

    NVM. just had to "unplug" one of the controllers
  4. DJLO

    Cheats not working for Pokemon Stadium?

    Hey there. I got some gameshark codes from for Pokemon Stadium on pj64. Some of the roms come with cheats that work, but the new ones i try to make!!