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    Initial D 3

    I would like to run demul in my actual initial D3 arcade cabinet. Does demul have JVS support? Like can i connect the usb jvs connector to PC usb port just like the naomi2? Also, the midi signal to the steering board, does demul send this signal anywhere (com port etc?)
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    Weird I/O problem

    I had zombie revenge working, using 8 way arcade joystick as analogue, which worked but really granular direction controls. Then for some reason , days later, P2 direction controls made character always walk forward.. without any input. I went Into to test menu to see what's going on with...
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    Invisible fighters (virtual fighter 4)

    On a few levels in VF4 , VF4 fine tuned, VF4 final showdown, or what ever iteration you can think of, there are three levels I noticed where the fighters are invisible except for subtle details such as their hair. Is there a fix for this? Why would certain levels (I remember boat level for...
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    Hide icons in game

    When I run a game say vf4 , there are icons on bottom of screen that are crossed out with one red slash. What are these and how do you get rid of them? I have attached a picture where you can see the icons.
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    Demul Version help

    How can I get directx 10 plugin to work in demul 0.7? Also in demul 0.582 it asks me for a .bin file? I am using chd which work in 0.7 but now not in 0.582..