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  1. InuyashaTaishou

    Putting two files (iso) together

    Yeah, so I just got some isos, and what do I know? One game came in two parts! How do you merge the two files together?
  2. InuyashaTaishou

    VisualBoyAdvance-Zelda four swords question.

    Hey, I have a small question, which will most likely come out with a long answer. How do you play Zelda, four swords on the visualboy advance? Thanks in advance for replies!
  3. InuyashaTaishou

    Problem!!!!! Freezing and no white ROM screen! Help me!

    Hey... I can't see the white ROM selection screen, and when I try to get into the start menu on Harvest Moon 64, It freezes! Any suggestions? And just so you know, The game worked fine before.:(