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  1. Qun Mang

    Error: Cannot open message file

    Okay. I understand from reading this board that running SSF is a bit iffy. So far no one has mentioned this error though. Any ideas? I tried extracting the SSF archive into a subdirectory in my emulation\sega folder and also in the root directory. I have a boot.rom that is 524,288 bytes in...
  2. Qun Mang

    Lighting problems.

    I am having a problem with some video plugins. For some reason lighting doesn't seem to work properly and the picture gets very dark at times, like at night on Zelda OOT. The attached picture shows how bad this problem can be. This occurs on at least Jabo's and Rice's plugins. Glide...
  3. Qun Mang

    Paper Mario possible issue

    Dunno if it's a real issue never having played it on an N64, but I am having a problem in one of the side quests. I am trying to get Luigi's autograph, but when I go home, he isn't there. Inside, at the back of the house there are musical notes rising from the floor, and there appears to be...