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  1. NES_player4LIFE

    Macphisto's hi-res Banjo-Kazooie!

    Day late and a dollar short but what the hell?!
  2. NES_player4LIFE

    AetherSX2 stops development due to harassment, dev quits

    wow bullied out of service :(
  3. NES_player4LIFE

    Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) v1.52 released!

    wow Nestopia! Haven't hear heard about them in years!
  4. NES_player4LIFE

    Half-Life 2 Gold (for real this time)

    Thou shall not bump!
  5. NES_player4LIFE

    DS4Windows v3.1.6 released!

    Very cool!
  6. NES_player4LIFE

    Lets retexture Space Invaders

    A little something I've been wanting to do for some time
  7. NES_player4LIFE

    AI Upscaled Texture Legality?

    One program I use is Photozoom pro. It also has a photoshop extension, check it out sometime.
  8. NES_player4LIFE

    Conker's Bad Fur Day AI-Upscale

    Mirror N64Textures
  9. NES_player4LIFE

    AI Upscaled Texture Legality?

    The textures are made from Rices code and are not actually ripped from the rom but from what the video plugin sees on screen. As Gent says, Yes, but with a little input on my behalf. Essentially this is nothing more than recording a gameplay video or snapshots of it. The images are made from an...
  10. NES_player4LIFE

    Help! The plugin won't dump models on my VRML!

    Thread redirect
  11. NES_player4LIFE

    Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture Project V7

    A thousand pardons I didn't recognize who you are. @death--droid hasn't been on in some time. Please work as if your request is granted.
  12. NES_player4LIFE

    Dumped Textures Appear as Blank Images in Photoshop

    Issue confirmed. ticket opened on github
  13. NES_player4LIFE

    Has anyone attempted an Ogre Battle 64 hires pack?

    sounds like an issue with your program the files should be Png.
  14. NES_player4LIFE

    Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture Project V7

    This is a community pack please make your edits and place them in a folder with your name and work out of this folder. This will help keep the file structure clean. When uploading your work, please just upload your new data not the whole pack. HTCs are welcome but pngs format must also be...
  15. NES_player4LIFE

    Video game objects in real life

    Donkey Kong Country 3 Cranky kongs mirror, the price is 50 silver coins in the game. once bought its traded for a wrench in the game.
  16. NES_player4LIFE

    Rogue Squadron:

    sounds good
  17. NES_player4LIFE

    2016 : MAJORA'S MASK 3DS MOD for GlideN64

    Ill see if i can dig it up. @Quinn64
  18. NES_player4LIFE

    Space Invaders: Super cheats

    "Warp to mothership level" 800E68E7 0000 "One mothership per level" D20E62DB 0000 800E62DB 0001 Note: may also be used as endless motherships if code is 0002
  19. NES_player4LIFE

    Bro, do you even lift? (about exercise)

    ... cool story bro, make me a sandwich. Nah but seriously welcome back and glad you are improving your life, physical fitness is very important.