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  1. schibo


    Hey, If anyone is interested in working on 1964js, that would be awesome. Haven't had time to look at in in a couple years. I had made a walkthrough video for it on youtube, but it got screwed up when I edited it and wasn't playing on youtube. Sorry about that. The project is on github...
  2. schibo

    1964js 0.1.17

    work-in-progress 1964js is an N64 emulator written in JavaScript.
  3. schibo

    1964js 0.1.0

    Some Mario64 gameplay. Still wireframe..lots of work to do on graphics :)..but nice progress.
  4. schibo

    1964js ?? It's still very early in dev, but please check it out ;) -schibo
  5. schibo

    1964 turns 10

    Today, March 10, marks the 10 year anniversary when I decided to write an N64 emulator.
  6. schibo

    5 years

    ..for 1964. March 10
  7. schibo

    Beta team: Thank you

    Thank you for your hard efforts. Overall, 0.9.9 is a triumph. For 1.0, we just plan to address the more serious issues for 1.0, such as 1964 not working on AMD K6-2 chips, audio reversed or not working with certain sound cards, and so on. If you would like to stay on and help us through the...
  8. schibo

    Completed Packages

    2003-12-27 Release Candidate 1 We are looking at a possible New Year's Day release. If that information is leaked, it will not be released on New Year's. The download is in 3 parts due to file size constraints on this messageboard. Run the exe file when you have them all. This archive includes...
  9. schibo

    Reporting Fixed Bugs

    Hi, If a new beta fixes your reported problem, please indicate that the bug has been fixed in that thread. Doing this helps us out a lot by saving us time, and nothing is left to assumption. Thanks.
  10. schibo

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hi, If you celebrate Thanksgiving where you are, have a Happy Thanksgiving! If you don't celebrate it, have a happy Thursday. I will take this opportunity to get a few days of rest. Hopefully you can also. There isn't a recent beta posted yet, but we continue to press ahead. Rice has worked...
  11. schibo

    Closing Kaillera window bug

    Open kaillera window. Leave it open, then open another client window (example: open Help->about) Leave help about open, then close the kaillera window. Hard Freeze. Severity: Urgent.
  12. schibo

    About this SubForum

    This subforum is for moved threads for bugs that are fixed. Admins: If you see a fixed bug, please close the thread and move it here completely without leaving a redirect in the old subforum. This way we can see what bugs are left in the other subforums more easily. Please do not post anything...
  13. schibo

    ToDo: Do not save ini on exit

    Karth has reported losing about 1/2 of his Rom_Properties.ini on exit when 1964 probably crashed. Ini should only be written to when a setting has changed in the Options Dialog after pressing OK. Also, if possible, only modify a part of the file, do not rewrite the entire file every time. Ini...
  14. schibo

    SSE Not Detected

    SSE Not Detected on my new Athlon XP 1800+ running Windows Server 2003. Reason says "No Hardware Support Detected". This is wrong. I will investigate.
  15. schibo

    Per ROM settings

    Similar to Karth's problem. Uninstall 1964. First time 1964 runs, if you go to plugins and switch to per-Rom setting, it freezes. Then you must force to close. Next time you run 1964 it crashes...but 1964 does not exit, it stays in the task manager. This is a new serious bug.
  16. schibo

    New language files

    A French translation from a friend of mine by email: Below is the email and attachment: ========================= a part of the file is translated (french.lng) but a probléme on the menu (68,&Plug-ins) Good Day and That life is you pleasant...
  17. schibo

    Members list

    bryantonline dukenukem Flash GE Master Gent Gonetz Greevy Jemmille Karth95 LazerTag LeBaladin Malcolm mojo NeTo oooinpit Raziel64 Rice RJARRRPCGP Sayargh schibo Siskoo (Benjamin Siskoo) Skull1 Trotterwatch URAMetroid from email (awaiting emutalk names): danielxxxxxxxxx (last name hidden) pck180...
  18. schibo

    1964.exe Patch 2003-09-30

    Patch 2003-09-30 - Fixed Press Escape to return to window. This is probably related to the beeping bug, so if that's gone let me know that too. - 1964.exe uses 4KB less runtime memory, nothing to write home about.. but probably results in a speedup since the memory no longer needs the other...
  19. schibo

    Member's Specs

    You may post your specs in this thread. We already have a nice area to put our specs in our signatures, but this thread is for us to be more explicit, and for our quick reference. If you have more than one system you'd like to list, please list your primary testing machine first. schibo's...
  20. schibo

    Biography Thread

    The main forum will be normally for moderators. You will mainly see patches and important info here. I'd like to use this particular thread so we can introduce ourselves. Of course, you don't have to post a bio if you don't want to. schibo: Real Name: Joel Middendorf Location: Naugatuck...