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  1. NoeOM

    Windows XP controls in VC++ 2005

    A very concise question: How do I use this control (see attachment) in my own VC++ 2005 applications?
  2. NoeOM

    Downloading a copy of Windows XP Home SP2

    Hi, I have a Dell system with WinXP Home SP2 preinstalled, and the system have a stick with my windows serial number and so (this green-blue stick that come with PCs that have Windows preinstalled). I HAVE PAID for my Windows license, but no Windows CD comes with the PC! I need a copy of...
  3. NoeOM

    Processor temperature

    Hi, I have upgraded my system from a [email protected] Mhz to a P4 Prescott running at 3 Ghz. The processor is now hotter than before and I am considering upgrading the termal solution too, even when it is designed to work with P4 up to 3.2 Ghz. With low system load, the CPU temp is about 58ºC (135º...
  4. NoeOM

    Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 issues

    I´m using Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 (build 20050224) with PJ64. I have used PJ64 with Jabo's plugin for years and recently moved to Rice's one due to its hi-res texture support. When playing Zelda OoT with Djipi's texture pack. Emulator uses a great amount of memory (due to texture loading, I...