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  1. james.miller

    SMP. Worth it for gaming?

    well. You may or may not no my opinion on this. Regardless, i'd like to hear yours but please, back it up with some real evidence if you can. Let's settle this once and for all:)
  2. james.miller

    WoW! some people are really retarded!

    i was bored so i decided to search the emutalk threads for people who have been banned and for what reason. OMG ive never seen so many people ask for roms! IDIOTS And it amazes me how stupid and annoying some people can be (anybody remember 'lightknight' and his 'emulatore'? lol some people...
  3. james.miller

    yo admin!

    well done on the way you handle certain people who persistantly want to push and pisses us all off and we dont need. oh one question. is it legal to have roms if you own the original cart for the n64?
  4. james.miller

    emulation speed

    is it possible to limit the framereat to something other than the standard 50/60?
  5. james.miller

    not a problem - dont worry!

    Does anyone know how to display the frame rate in full screen mode?
  6. james.miller

    light-weight rumbles

    is there any way to adjust the rumble effect and make it a bit more potent? i have a thrustmaster dual power2 gamepad and the rumbles from pj64 are really poor
  7. james.miller

    Delayed sound on perfect dark

    no matter what plugin or configuration i use - the sound is always delayed by a second or so. can sombody help????